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Finding the right tool for your needs all starts with the right research.  Technology is advancing at record paces.  What was once thought impossible is now possible with the advancements of battery and motor technologies.  A drill that was released last year is now considered obsolete due to smaller motors that produce more torque and batteries that harness more power and run time.  Manufacturers are releasing power tools at record speeds.  So the question remains, what tool is right for you and which manufacturer should you invest with.  Tools in Action is dedicated to empowering you with knowledge through our power tool reviews, breaking news, the Tools in Action community and the Power Tool Forum.  One way we help you become an informed buyer is through this section, the Power Tool Guides.  We have broken out some different categories below to help start your research.  It doesn’t matter if you are ready to buy your first tool or your fiftieth power tool, we have information below to help you make an informed buying decision.  If you are new to the power tool world, a great place to start is the Power Tool Buying Guide and Power Tool Information.

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Power Tool School

How much do you know about power tools?  We have created a section dedicated to power tool and learning more about the tool and the brands. You will learn about topics such as what tool is best for what job, how does a power tool work.  We have guides and other tools to increase your knowledge about power tools.

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How much do you know about each power tool manufacturer?  We have created a section dedicated to power tool manufacturers.  Each manufacturer has a little background about them and you can also view our latest reviews on their products.  Before you buy, understand what company you are investing in and make sure they are right for your use.  View our Power Tool Manufacturer list.

Household Products

Research by Power Tool Type

Are you looking to buy a specific power tool?  If so take a look at our Power Tool Reviews & Research section.  In this section, you can view specific tools in each category so you can see which tool is best for your next purchase.  Know that you have your tool category narrowed down, use this section to narrow down your brand of tool.  View out Power Tool Reviews & Research page.

Research by Outdoor Power Equipment

Are you looking for a new OPE (Outdoor Power Equipment) product?  If so take a look at our OPE Buyers Guide.  In this guide, we have broken out all our OPE reviews to help make your decision easier.  If you are looking for a chainsaw, you can easily scan through our reviews to find out which one is right for you.  View our OPE Buyers Guide.

Education – Power Tool Buyer ‘s Guide

Are you new to the power tool world?  If so this is a great section to start your research before you buy your next tool.  Our Power Tool Buyers Guide is designed to help understand the most common types of power tools on the market.  These guides go into detail about each tool so you can fully understand the tool before you buy.  When you become more knowledgeable, you can make informed purchases.  View our Power Tool Buying Guide.

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