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Propane is more than just a grilling fuel.  Propane is used in a wide variety of products and yes, even power tools.  Propane is inexpensive, clean and much quieter than gas power tools.  For the construction industry, heater is where you will find a lot of propane being used.  Propane burners cleaner and is more efficient that kerosene.  So check out the articles below for what propane products we have covered.

Propane generator

Powermate PM0135500 Propane Powered Generator – Daily Dose

We do a lot of generators here on Tools in Action, but this is our first alternative fuel source unit.  The Powermate PM0135500 is powered...

Kick Some Heat on with the Dewalt DXH125FAV 125,000 BTU/HR Forced Air Propane Heater

I am not sure what is happening by you, but mother nature keeps fooling us.  In Chicago we experienced the third highest snow fall...

Mr Heater Contractor Series – MH125FAV

Winter time is here and now might be a great time to think about your heating source and your needs.  Mr. Heater is a...

Mr Heater puts on a cape – HERO Heater

Forced air heaters have been around for ages and the deign has remained relatively the same.  You need fuel and electricity to make them...

MR Heater Portable Buddy Heater MH9BX – Review

The nights are getting shorter and the temps are falling,  winter is just around the corner.  We need heaters to keep us warm.  Heaters...

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