Tools in Action Editorial Guidelines

Our mission

Our mission is to empower our readers to make financial progress. We believe progress is a journey made easier with help, so we root our content in trusted sources and independent research to give you the knowledge to reach your goals and decisions.

Our editorial principles

  • Accuracy. We all have our opinions, but facts come first. Our editors rigorously fact-check and review every piece of content we publish because everyone deserves accurate information. Our articles are accurate to the best of our knowledge when published.
  • Independence. Editorial content is not influenced by our marketing partners, and we draw a clear line between editorial and the rest of our business.
  • Real talk. If we suggest a product, it’s because we’ve thoroughly reviewed it and believe in its value. We’re open about our enthusiasm for certain products, and we’ll tell it like it is when we don’t like a product.
  • Perspective. We do our best to keep recommendations in perspective.  We review both professional and homeowner products and services. We want to help you understand each product and understand the pros and cons of each product or service.  Understand that professional and homeowner products are different and designed for different uses.

Our team

Our editors and writers come from diverse backgrounds. We bring our real-life experiences to the articles you read on Tools in Action.

How we review content

Because accuracy and honesty is our top priority, we fact check our information through multiple sources.  We also review articles for accuracy post-publication and regularly update content as we receive new information.

How we source content

All information included in our content is corroborated by authoritative and reputable sources and/or publications. If a statement or fact can’t be corroborated by a legitimate source, we don’t publish it.