MR Heater Portable Buddy Heater MH9BX – Review


The nights are getting shorter and the temps are falling,  winter is just around the corner.  We need heaters to keep us warm.  Heaters come in all shapes, sizes and are fueled by a multitude of fuel sources.  This Particular heater is one of Eric’s favorites for 2 reasons.  One he just loves the name Mr Heater and 2 it’s the Portable Buddy and Eric has no buddies, so he is excited to call this his buddy.

Lets get into the Portable Buddy Heater .  It is powered by liquid propane, the small canister easily screws in on the side, you don’t even have to lift the unit, the connection swivels out , just twist on and your done!  You get around 3-6 hours of heat on one canister depending on your settings.  For more heating time you can buy an extra hose that allows you to connect bigger propane tanks.  Once the canister is installed, you simply depress the igniter, hold for 30 seconds then turn to the desired heat setting.  One thing that I was surprised by was that the unit is virtually silent, you can hardly hear the unit running.  I know most radiant heaters are quiet due to no fans,  but you usually hear a loud hiss from the gas and the Portable Buddy Heater is virtually silent.  Another nice touch is that the top handle folds down to save space when stowed.  Most of the heat comes from the top of this unit and yes you guessed it where it says hot, IT’S HOT!  So you will want to keep away from that area.  The heater works well to heat a 200 square foot area.  I found this unit works great on the floor or on a bench to keep me toasty as I worked on my projects.


The heater was very stable, but in the event that it does get knocked over it will automatically shut off.  A low oxygen shut off feature makes this one safe portable heater for inside or outdoor use.  The Portable Buddy Heater  is well built and designed, I like it a lot.  It’s perfect for heating small areas like duck blinds, tents, shop areas etc.  Even as an emergency backup heater, all you need is propane.  On the back is an area that allows it to be hung on a wall.  The unit is light and can be easily toted around or stored in small spaces.  Check out Mr Heater’s website for more info.  We highly recommend the Portable Buddy Heater  MH9BX.



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