Dremel SM20-02 Saw-Max™ Tool Kit Exclusive First Look


Dremel is a very popular tool brand with the DIY circle, they are innovative, easy to use and the name is synonymous with the rotary tool.  Lately they have been shaking up the tool world with some new releases like the Trio which we reviewed here.  Well it looks like they are at it again with the Saw-Max 3″ circular saw.  We were lucky enough to get our hands on this tool and give it a test run.

Don’t let the small size of the tool fool you, it is a powerful 6 amp worm drive gear saw that weighs only 3.85lbs.  It allows you to rip through material at 17,000 rpm while using just one hand.  On the bottom is a paddle switch with a safety lock that is very easy to grip even with gloves on.  It was easy to hold and comfortable as we made the cuts.  Another feature is a lock button that will allow the saw to be locked in the on position for extended cuts.  This a good idea, but you need to make sure that the saw is not locked on before you plug it in, this could be a safety issue.  The saw is easily adjusted for plunge cuts up to 3/4″ via a twist of the side lock knob.  Also on the side is the port for the included dust adapter.  The A/C cord is an ample 7′ long which is great for most situations.  Wheel change is a snap, just depress the lock button on the top of the unit and use the included allen key to loosen the nut clockwise.  The line guide is easy to see although a laser would have been nice like the bigger Rockwell Versa Cut that we tested a few months back.

Wheels included with this kit:

  • SM500 Multi-Purpose Carbide Wheel
  • SM510 Metal Cut-Off Wheel
  • SM540 Tile Diamond Wheel
  • SM600 Multi-Purpose Flush Cut Carbide Wheel
The flush cut wheel is basically offset by a cone shaped hub that makes the wheel flush with the saw.  I would not say that it is perfectly flush but it is close you can make your own determination from the pictures below.  Also included in the kit is a 2×4 guide, basically this allows you to cut a 2×4 with 2 cuts.  Personally I would not use this tool to cut a 2×4, but if I did I would freehand the cuts as I found the guide to be a bit tedious to make a straight cut with.  This has to do with the wheel not being perfectly flush with the side of the saw, it would work perfect if you could use the guide with the other side of the saw, but that’s where the depth adjustment lever is.  One thing I noticed was the saw did not kick back much, I think this was due to wheel design as it has no teeth, instead it uses a tungsten carbide metal bonded wheel.  It rips through wood with ease and was easily controlled.  I am now a fan of the wheels instead of blades.  The Dremel Saw-Max is likely to be another huge hit for Dremel when it is released in October. Make no mistake even though its a small saw you will have to respect it like any circular saw.  For the home owner this is a great tool to have and is covered by a 2 year warranty.



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