Mr Heater Contractor Series – MH125FAV


Winter time is here and now might be a great time to think about your heating source and your needs.  Mr. Heater is a company we have begun to take a liking to.  We don’t see many complaints about them and their products just seem to work.  Also we have done some reviews of their products in the past (Hero, Buddy) and have always liked them.  If you are heating your garage, workshop, work site, ice fishing hut or any other areas, Mr. Heater seems to have you covered.

This time we are reviewing the Mr. Heater Contractor series model MH125FAV which is their 75,000 – 125,000 BTU unit.  My goal was to try and heat my garage/workshop/wife’s storage/kids storage/ well just about everyone wants to put something in my shop.  Okay I will get over it and stop complaining.  Before we used the Mr. Heater, I was heating my workshop using a Reddy heater.  You can check it out on the video below.  The Reddy heater was nice as it was also 125,000 BTU.  One cool thing about the Reddy heater is I could use Jet A, diesel, or kerosene as a fuel and keep my garage heated.  However for me there was a lot not to like about this heater.  The two main things were the size and the smell.  The Reddy heater was big.  With everything else being stored in my shop and space being limited, the big heater was a pain.  The other issue was that I used Kerosene as fuel and the smell was always bad.  I always smelled like it when I went back into the house.  I am not knocking that heater, but it just wasn’t for me.  So when Dan asked me to Check out the Mr. Heater Contractor series, I was more than happy.


The first thing about the Mr. Heater is the size.  It is about a 1/4 of the size  and a 1/10 of the weight which is awesome, especially since it is the same BTU.  This way in summertime, I can store it in my attic.  In winter time when I don’t need it, it goes under my bench.  When I am using it, it never gets in the way.  This heater uses propane as a fuel source which is much cleaner than the kerosene, so I don’t get that smell.  However don’t be fooled, you still have to use this in a well ventilated area.  Once I am done for the night, I can walk inside the house without hearing those famous words, “You Stink.”  Well I still hear those words, but now it’s for other reasons like B.O.

The heater comes with a 10′ cord which is awesome.  I can leave my tank in one spot and move the heater around.  Also there are two settings on the heater, low and high.  On the low setting the unit is pumping out 75,000 BTU and will run for 11 hours on a 40 lb tank.  The high puts out 125,000 BTU.

The unit uses forced air and it pushes out a good deal of heat.  In order to start the unit, you need to plug it into a 110V outlet and push the start button.  To turn it off, just unplug it.  A couple features the heater includes is a high temperature limit switch and a continuous ignition.

I can usually find something on a product I don’t like, but I have to say this unit is very nice.  It does what it is supposed to do and it is not as loud as the Reddy heater.  It works great.





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