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Greenworks 80V Pro Tools

Greenworks 80V Pole Saw

When it comes to taking care of your property or if you are in the business of taking care of other properties, we can...
Menards Masterforce 80V OPE

Menards Masterforce 80V OPE

Are you looking for an Outdoor Power Equipment (OPE) tool to buy into?  If so have you ever heard of Masterforce or Menards?  Don't...
Kobalt 80V Review

Kobalt 80V Review

How do you feel about battery powered OPE (Outdoor Power Equipment)?  Are you sold or just skeptical? For me, I am sold.  Ask me...
kobalt lawn mower

Kobalt Lawn Mower – An 80V Cordless Mower

Yes, mower week is still here.  Today we are covering the 80V Kobalt Lawn Mower.  If you missed our head to head, feel free...
greenworks pro lawn mower

Greenworks Pro Lawn Mower – 80V Power

Greenworks has been making OPE products for a while.  They make anything from residential products all the way up to professional products.  However today...

Greenworks 80V 18″ Cordless DigiPro Chainsaw – Gas Killer

Think green!  Fossil fuels are deemed evil and soon will be eradicated from this planet.  Well maybe in about 70 years, but Greenworks is...

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