Greenworks 80V Pole Saw

Greenworks 80V Pro Tools

When it comes to taking care of your property or if you are in the business of taking care of other properties, we can all agree that having the right tool for the job is extremely important.  How many times have you tried to do something with the wrong tool?  Not only is it dangerous, but it can be extremely frustrating.  We are talking about a way to cut those high branches in a customer’s yard or even your own yard.  Today we are looking at the Greenworks 80V Pole Saw.

Greenworks 80V Pole Saw Overview

How do you go about reaching those high branches? Have you ever used a pole saw?  How about a cordless pole saw?  For me, I have used pole saws in the past.  Some good and others not so good.  I am not a huge fan of gas because I am not using it all the time so I always have a hard time starting it up months later.  Some of the cordless ones we have tried in the past, well they are nice but the power isn’t always there or sometimes the shaft flexes too much and just makes it hard to make good cuts.

So how does the Greenworks stack up compared to some of the other ones we have tried?


Greenworks 80V Pro Tools

The 1400202 features a brushless motor which in return provides longer run times, less maintenance, and a longer life for the tool.

Greenworks 80V Pro Tools

The saw is powered by the Greenworks 80V battery platform.

Greenworks 80V Pro Tools

The saw features a 10″ bar so you can cut more than just the small lower branches.

Greenworks 80V Pro Tools

Not only can you see the chain oil level on the side but the saw features an automatic oiler.

Greenworks 80V Pro Tools

To tighten or loosen the chain, the cover comes off with a twist screw and you can access everything under the cover.

Greenworks 80V Pro Tools

To fill the oil, there is a wide mouth reservoir.

Greenworks 80V Pro Tools

The pole has an 8′ extension for a maximum reach of 11′ which means you can easily cut those lower branches without any issues.

Greenworks 80V Pro Tools

The saw features a trigger switch with a D-Handle to protect your hand if a limb does come down the wrong way.


I have a small property so I don’t use pole saws a lot except for once a year to trim a couple of trees.  Dan has more property and uses it more often.  However down the road from us, we have some nice tall trees that are both hardwood and softwood trees, so we were able to put this to use.

First, I love how easy it is to use.  From tightening the chain to a single press of a button, this saw is easy.  Second, I love the reach.  The saw has a great reach for those high up branches but most importantly is the pole stays strong and doesn’t flex like we have seen in other pole saw.

Best of all is the power.  Just put the saw on a branch, pull the trigger, and the saw cuts through without any issues. What else do you really want in a pole saw?

Greenworks 80V Pro Tools Wrap Up

Bottom line, I feel like Greenworks has come a long way over the years.  The more I use them, the more I am seeing the technology and the quality of their tools.  The Greenworks pole saw is extremely easy to use but most important, it’s powerful.  So if you are looking for a powerful saw, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this pole saw.


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