Menards Masterforce 80V OPE

Menards Masterforce 80V OPE

Are you looking for an Outdoor Power Equipment (OPE) tool to buy into?  If so have you ever heard of Masterforce or Menards?  Don’t worry if you haven’t.  Today we are going to get you familiar with Menards, Masterforce, and the Menards Masterforce 80V OPE Line.

If you are familiar with Menards and Masterforce, feel free to skip down to the Masterfocre 80V line of products.

Who is Menards

Menards - Logo

If you are in the midwest, chances are you have heard of Menards.  However, if you are on the coast, Menards is probably a name you don’t know.

Menards started in 1958 by John Menards Jr.  He started out building pole buildings.  As his reputation increased, so did his offerings.  Today Menards is in 14 states in the midwest.  So as you can see, they have come a long way since 1958.

Menards is a home improvement center but it’s not your typical store.  When Menards stocks their store, they go big.  If you look at other home improvement centers, they might have an aisle or two of lights where Menards has a huge variety of lights, fans and more.  Same with the lumber.  Actually Menards will rival most dedicated lumber yards.  When it comes to product, selection, and price, Menards just can’t be beaten. Heck, you can even get some groceries and personal care products as well.

Who is Masterforce

Masterforce - Logo

You might not have heard of Masterforce before and if you haven’t don’t sweat it.  Maybe you live on the coast and never heard of Menards.  If so, then Masterforce is a new name for you.  Heck, even if you live in the midwest, you might not have heard of Masterforce.

So who is Masterforce?  Masterforce is the house brand for Menards.  (See all their products at Menards website). Right now Masterforce has products such as power tools, hand tools, accessories, and more.  Today we are here because now they are offering OPE tools, which we will cover in a bit.  But first I want you to understand Masterforce.

So as you would guess, Menards is a distributor so they are not in the business of manufacturing tools. So who do they use for their tool line?  This was the question I wanted answering because it would tell me a lot about the commitment of Menards, the quality of the products, and if this is something I can back.

Let’s just say Menards doesn’t hold back and they work with some of the best manufacturers in the world.  They work with companies that build quality tools, reliable battery platforms, and tools that offer great features.

So when I look at Menards and their commitment, I know Menards is going all out since they are working with some of the best in the business for their house brand.  I know the quality is there, so I know it’s a brand I can back.

The Partnership

Menards Masterforce 80V OPE 02

As you would guess, I think this is the perfect partnership.  Menards is in 14 states and has a ton of foot traffic because people love the stores.  As Menards is expanding their stores, they are expanding the line of tools they offer under the Masterforce brand.

With offering a quality tool in a store that has tons of foot traffic, I am glad to see Menards is expanding the house brand Masterforce into OPE and I think this is a great partnership.

Masterforce The Brand

Before we jump into the OPE tools, I want to talk about three features of these tools so I am not repeating myself for each tool.

  1. Brushless – All Masterforce 80V OPE tools have brushless motors which means they are efficient, have longer run times, and increase the longevity of the tools.
  2. Rapid Charger – Masterforce 80V tools come with a rapid charger.  The charger will charge a 2Ah battery in 30 minutes and a 4Ah battery in an hour.
  3. Warranty – All 80V Masterforce OPE tools have a 4-year warranty.

Masterforce 80V Battery

When it comes to batteries, we already talked about how these batteries are high quality and dependable.  So for this let’s just focus on the batteries.

The Masterforce OPE line of tools is powered by an 80V battery which is extremely powerful in the homeowner world.  This means more power and more run time, which means you can easily get yard work done.

While I love the dependability of the battery, I am extremely happy to see they added a fuel gauge on the battery to see how much power is left before it needs a charge.

As of now, they offer a 2Ah, 4Ah, and 5Ah battery for this OPE line.

Masterforce 80V OPE Tools

Masterforce 80V Lawnmower

The Masterforce (Model 2500194ME) is a self-propelled mower. The mower is built around a brushless motor that will run up to 60 minutes on the included 5Ah battery.  Since this mower is battery powered, you can store it vertically and not have to worry about gas leaking out, plus you are not taking up a lot of room when not in use.

Speaking of users, the mower has a 7 position single lever height adjustment making it easy to place the mower on any height.

The mower is a 21″ steel deck which means it’s durable for the long haul.  Another feature to this mower is it’s a 3 in 1 meaning you can bag, mulch, or side discharge.

We had a chance to run this mower over long and short grass, plus over some leaves.  The first thing we noticed was how powerful the mower is.  One cool feature, well besides self-propelled, is that when the mower needs more power, it automatically kicks up the mower so it can still cut through deep grass. Adjusting the height of the mower was easy.

It’s hard to find anything to complain about this mower since it was easy to use, was a workhorse, and produced a great looking cut.

Masterforce 80V String Trimmer

The string trimmer (model 2100194ME) is a 16″ trimmer that uses a .095″ line.  One great feature of this trimmer is the EZ Load Head.  Just twist and wind to reload line so no more hassles or messing around.

The trimmer is equivalent to a 25cc gas engine so you know it has power for the tougher jobs.

As you can see we used it for trimming around the patio but also to cut down thicker plants.  On both applications, the trimmer performed like a champ.  One nice feature is the dual bump line making it advance both lines easily.

Masterforce 80V Blower

The Leaf Blower (Model 2400094ME) can produce up to 580 CLM which is equivalent to a 32cc gas engine.  The blower features a variable speed trigger with cruise control.  If you need more power, the blower features a turbo button for that added power for those tougher areas.

You will get about 30 minutes of run time with the included 2Ah battery.

I have to admit, this blower was more powerful than I thought.  We blew grass off the driveway, blew patches of clumped up grass, and leave piles.  The blower easily pushed anything we threw at it.

I like having the intake protected on the back because then it’s not trying to suck in my shorts which gets annoying with other blowers.

Masterforce 80V Hedger

Next in the line up is the 24″ Hedger (model 220094ME). The Hedger uses a 24″ dual action laser-cut blades for toughness and durability and has a 3/4″ cut capacity.  In regards to power, this is equivalent to a 25cc gas engine but without the hassle of gas, oil, or spark plugs.

As you would expect, the Hedger is powerful and easy to work with.  One of the coolest features is the ability to rotate the head.  Just pull a lever and you can rotate the handle 180 degrees.

Masterforce 80V Chain Saw

You wouldn’t have a complete line without a chainsaw.  The chainsaw (model 2000094ME) is equivalent to a 45cc gas engine and this saw can cut up to 150 cuts of a 4×4 without needing a charge.

The saw features an 18″ bar, electric chain brake, steel spikes, and automatic oiler.

Masterforce – Our Thoughts

I think Menards is going in the right direction with the expansion of the Masterforce OPE tools.  Let’s face it, Menards is only in 14 states now, but they are a force to be reckoned with.  Their stores are huge, easy to walk around, friendly employees and offer a wide range of products, something other big stores are not doing.  So if they stay on this track, they will grow to more than 14 states.  If you talk to people who have gone to Menards, time and time again, you will hear people talk about the stores and how they love them.

So with that said, having a great store, with a great experience and now offering a full line of tools and OPE products, I think once people learn about them, they will be sold into the line.  As Menards grows, I can see the Masterforce line grow to other things well beyond power tools and OPE products.  I see it becoming a household brand that people rely on for not only tools but products that we use in our house every day.

Masterforce – Wrap Up

I think this is a huge step for Menards.  While it’s nice having a house brand line of tools, it’s more important to have a household brand that is quality and isn’t overpriced.  For me, I think Menards is doing a great job of offering a quality line of OPE products for the homeowner without asking them to pay an arm and a leg.  So far I have been impressed with the Masterforce OPE line of tools.  Follow us on Instagram as we will be showing off more from Masterfocre and also revisiting the OPE tools from above.


  1. I was skeptical about the chainsaw but I needed one after a nasty storm with lots of damage to my trees. I have to say that I am a believer now after having used it. No nasty exhaust or gas smell. And not as heavy as you’d think.

  2. I’m curious if these are compatible with the Kobalt 80 volt Max. The batteries look identical, as do the tools with a few cosmetic changes.

  3. Hi – are the batteries interchangeable on the Masterforce tools? The lawnmower comes with a 4 or 5 Ah battery while the other tools come with a 2Ah battery. I was hoping to be able to use batteries interchangeably as well as have a charger that works for both the lawnmower and the other tools.

  4. I am wondering if you can buy the different yard tools without the battery and charger. I now have the Masterforce 80 volt lawn mower and Masterforce 80 volt chain saw. I want to buy the weedeater, but don’t want to buy another battery and charger. Is this possible?

    • Menard’s provides sales packages that include a battery and charger of varying amp hour rating dependent upon the actual product… and an option WITHOUT a battery and charger.

      If you already own a Masterforce 80V product, having an extra battery and charger are worth the investment, especially since the package price is ALWAYS less than it would be to purchase another battery and charger.

  5. I just purchased the Masterforce 80v 22″ Snow blower.
    We had a 9-10″ snow fall last night and it cleared my driveway (two car, 80′ or so) easily with one battery charge in about 20 minutes.
    The snow plow came by and plowed everything from the street onto my and my 86 year old neighbor’s driveways.
    With a quick battery change it cleared out the 20″ or so plow debris like nothing. It took a while, since it has a 12″ chute, but it was no problem.

    The battery only lasts about 20 minutes under heavy use (like today), but should be better under lighter use.
    One complaint, the start button pops off each time, I turn it off. Very annoying, as it pops into the snow, but a nice green rubber band over the button keeps it in place.

    Also, the LED lights are very bright and it is incredibly quiet, much quieter than my little Black and Decker electric for the sidewalk.

  6. I have searched for reviews on the 80 V pole saw and can’t find any. Not on the Menards website and no where else. I am concerned about auto oiler. Does it have one? Does it leak? Also concerned about chain. Is it a standard pitch. Does it fall off frequently? Can it be resharpened or do I need to buy a new chain when it dulls?

  7. You never said *who* Masterforce is. Where are they made? Is it another company and Menards slaps the Masterforce name on it?

    • Good point. Masteforce is a house brand to Menards obly. They are made by a company called Chervon. Chervon is a big company like TTI is to Milwaukee tools. Chervon has made tools for a lot of brands including Bosch, Ridgid and more so they are very experienced. They also own the brand Ego which is an outdoor power equipment company.

      • Since Greenworx batteries are compatible with the Masterforce line of tools, it would seem logical to assume that they are designed by the same company.

  8. I need a weed eater with a brush blade. We just moved to a wooded property and there’s lots of brush to deal with. I really want to avoid a gas/oil 2cyl weed eater because they are so heavy and loud.

    In the Masterforce 80v 16″ trimmer manual, it looks as well if you can take the trimmer head off and replace it with a different one. Have you tried this…any thoughts on using the.masterforce trimmer with a brush blade?

  9. The pole saw is enjoyable to use. I purchased and put it right to work It has plenty of power and life with the 2 ah battery My main frustration was menards is a bit ambiguous when it comes to finding the replacement chain at the store.


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