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Menards Masterforce 20V 5/8 in. Mixer/Drill

Menards Masterforce Adds 20V 5/8″ Mixer/Drill

Menards Masterforce has expanded its line of 20V power tools with the addition of the Masterforce 20V 5/8 in. Mixer/Drill. This is the first...
Menard's Masterforce logo

NEW Menard’s Masterforce 20V Tools and More

If you're from the Midwest like us, then you are probably familiar with Menard's. This hardware store chain is only in 13 U.S. states,...
Menards Masterforce 80V OPE

Menards Masterforce 80V OPE

Are you looking for an Outdoor Power Equipment (OPE) tool to buy into?  If so have you ever heard of Masterforce or Menards?  Don't...