Menards Masterforce Adds 20V 5/8″ Mixer/Drill

Menards Masterforce 20V 5/8 in. Mixer/Drill

Menards Masterforce has expanded its line of 20V power tools with the addition of the Masterforce 20V 5/8 in. Mixer/Drill. This is the first electric mixer in this line and the large 5/8 in. chuck is compatible with a wide variety of mixing accessories from other makers.

Today we’re taking a deeper look and sharing with you what we’ve learned about this new mixer/drill.

Menards Masterforce Mixer/Drill

  • Product Name: Masterforce® 20V Brushless Cordless 5.8 in. Mixer/Drill
  • Product #: 240-0388
  • Features: A brushless motor combines with “micropressure control” for less friction while mixing and prevents overheating. Users have seven speed options to choose from that ranges from 200-650 RPM for precise while mixing. Mixer/Drill includes an easy access chuck key holder, and it works with a wide variety of mixing and drilling accessories. It is capable of mixing heavy compounds and can mix up to 14 1.5 gallon buckets of drywall mud when paired with a 5.0Ah battery.
  • Battery Platform: Masterforce BOOST® and Masterforce FlexPower®.
  • Warranty: 3-year limited warranty.
  • Price: $149.99, tool only.
  • Where to Buy: Exclusive to Menards.

What is the Masterforce 20V Mixer/Drill For?

This mixer/drill is primarily designed for mixing drywall mud. However, the large 5/8 in. chuck makes it compatible with a variety of mixing accessories across brands and it is powerful enough to mix heavy compounds.

Paint, drywall mud, epoxy with sand, mortar, and concrete are just some of the compounds that can be mixed using the Masterforce 20V Mixer/Drill.

Value of Menards Masterforce Mixer/Drill

We compared this mixer/drill from Menards to similar mixer/drills from other brands. The Masterforce consistently priced below similar products from RIDGID, Makita, MAXXTT, and even RYOBI despite offering similar power and performance.

Overall, this 20V mixer/drill is a great addition to the Masterforce line. Masterforce users will be happy that Menards has delivered another power tool that will satisfy them in terms of power and value.

Where to Buy

Want your own Masterforce 20V Mixer/Drill? This mixer is currently available exclusively to Menards. Pick it up in-store or online.

If you want to know more about Menards or Masterforce products you can check out more of our TIA Menards Masterforce articles.


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