11 Holiday Gifts for Travelers

11 Holiday Gifts for Travelers

Welcome back. We’re ending week two of TIA 2023 Holiday Gift Guides with 11 Holiday Gifts for Travelers. Warning, the gifts on this list might make you want to make you book your own trip.

Gifts for Travelers

Day trips or international travel, we all appreciate things that make traveling fun, help us remember, or make it easier. Each of these gifts for travelers was selected to do exactly that.

Scratch Off Travel Maps

Gifts for Travelers

Do you know someone who is always off to somewhere new? Help them keep track of all the places they have visited with a Scratch-Off Travel Map!

Now there are a lot of travel maps out there. I can’t pick which one is the best for them, but our favorite Scratch-Off Travel Map is the one pictured above. It’s a world travel map and it comes with two scratching tools: a guitar pick for larger areas and a scratch pen for smaller and detailed areas. This map also includes “memory stickers”, push pins, and a carrying bag for all of  your supplies.

  • Amazon Review: “This map is so cute! I love the minimalist, but colorful design. Also love that it fits a standard XL poster frame (so you can order that online at the same time)….a lot of similar products require a custom frame which is super annoying. The visited countries are easy to scratch off while keeping the rest of the map clean looking. Perfect gift for travel lovers like me!”
  • Where to Buy: Amazon for $33.95 (reg. $35.95)
  • More Maps: Browse on Amazon.


BAGAIL 8 Set Packing Cubes Luggage Packing Organizers for Travel Accessories

Gifts for Travelers

Travel is fun, but packing is a pain. Make it easier on your travel friend with travel cubes. Travel cubes are a type of luggage organizer and you can use them to organize your clothes, toiletries, travel documents and more.

There are tons of different styles of travel cubes available. However, we like this set because the covering is sheer so you can see what’s inside each cube instead of guessing.

This set also comes in 14 color options.

  • Amazon Review: “These bags were great to use for organizing items in your suitcase. They provided a good variety of sizes for different items, were well made and attractive. You could choose from a variety of colors. They served me well on a recent trip to Scotland.”
  • Where to Buy: Amazon $19.99 (reg. $24.99)



Gifts for Travelers

Rosetta Stone used to be offered as a single language learning computer program, but it has since evolved to a web and app-based platform with 25 different languages for users to learn. Users can even learn multiple languages at once with Rosetta Stone Unlimited memberships.

A Rosetta Stone membership is the perfect for someone planning a big trip or even planning to travel or move abroad. Not only does Rosetta Stone make it easy to “gift a Rosetta Stone membership”, but you can usually lock-in a membership at a discounted rate this time of year.

  • Customer Review: “Rosetta Stone is so easy and effective! I’ve been learning Spanish for the past few months and the Rosetta Stone app has been my constant go-to for daily practice. I’ve been following the study plan in the app and within a few weeks of daily practice, I’m already able to understand dialogue from some of my favorite T.V. shows. Don’t hesitate, just get it!”
  • Where to Buy: Go month-to-month for $15.99/month, annuals plans are $7.99/month, or this week only get Rosetta Stone Unlimited for $149 one-time payment. The price returns to $399 on December 5, 2023.


Portable Door Lock & Door Stop with Alarm

Gifts for Travelers

This is great gift whether someone is traveling across the world or across their state. It’s a two-part security tool. A portable door lock fits into the door jamb to prevent people from opening the door from outside. The second is a battery-operated alarm. This can be used with or instead of the portable door lock. But you place it near the base of the door and if someone were to try to come in it sounds a siren plus blocks the door enough to slow an intruder.

Note: these security items are meant for doors opening inward. This is common for most entry doors whether those are houses, apartments, or hotel rooms.

  • Amazon Review: This product is amazing and worth every penny. Works for apartments, homes, and hotel rooms.”
  • TIA Review: There are several options for Door Wedge with Alarm on Amazon. This one is our favorite because it comes as a bundle and is on sale. Would be a great stocking stuffer.
  • Where to Buy: $9.99 on Amazon, regular price is $13.99.


MATEIN Carry-on Backpack

Gifts for Travelers


Got a holiday trip planned? Maybe YOU are the travel friend? Either way, this backpack is a large 40-liter flight-approved large travel backpack that fits within most carry-on size requirements. Also has a separate compartment for a laptop up to 17 in., a USB charging port, an organizer compartment, back zipper pocket, and luggage strap.

  • Eric’s Review: One of the best travel backpacks I have used.  I used this to travel in Europe and it was perfect for the day trips.  I was able to keep my passport and money on the top where I could easily access and then on the bottom I had my cables and charger.  There is an area I would keep my snacks and another area for my sweatshirt and hats.  A perfect travel bag.
  • Where to Buy: $59.99 on Amazon, on sale for $28.79.


MagicPro Portable Garment Steamer

This portable garment steamer heats up in just 25 seconds and helps get wrinkles out of clothes and fabrics quickly for a fresh, crease-free look. This steamer will de-wrinkle and sanitize not only your clothes, but curtains and drapery, tablecloths, bedding, upholstery, toys, and much more.

  • Amazon Review: “Works great. Not heavy. I used it to steam out bed bugs worked great. Only downside is I had to fill up a lot but for clothes usage it’s perfect. I gifted it to bc that person used it and fell in love.”
  • Where to Buy: $26.99 from Amazon.


Wireless Portable Charger

Gifts for Travelers

The last time I was at the airport I couldn’t get within 10 ft. of an outlet. But even if I was able to I hate being confined to wherever I’m charging my phone. It’s also nice being able to charge your phone and devices whenever and wherever. Personally, I think everyone should have one of these, but they are an absolute travel essential and especially with the majority of people using digital plane tickets. Also great for people traveling overseas.

  • Amazon Review: “I’ve had this power pack for three months. My whole family uses it. It’s very simple and straight forward to use.”
  • Where to Buy: $34.95 on Amazon.


Travel Kit – GOX Travel Toiletry Bag

Gifts for Travelers

This is the perfect bag to keep your toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and more. Best of all, it’s water resistant and small enough that it doesn’t take up room in your backpack or on the bathroom sink at the hotel.

  • Amazon Review: “Well made. Fits everything I need it to. Includes a waterproof zipped pocket as well. Would recommend.”
  • Where to Buy: $14.99 on Amazon.


Universal Travel Adapter

Perfect adapter for the international traveler. This smart plug offers a wide range of options for different countries. The 6-in-1 adapter can charge up to six devices at once.

  • Amazon Review: “Small compact footprint. Had everything needed for recent trips.”
  • Where to Buy: $19.99 on Amazon.


Beva Travel Power Strip

Gifts for Travelers

You can never have too many plugs at night in the hotel. Most of the time you can’t find enough outlets, but who wants to carry around a big power strip? This is the perfect power to charge your power bank, phone, tablet and earbuds so when you wake up in the morning, your ready to go. Best of all, it’s lightweight and doesn’t take up a lot of room in your luggage.

  • Amazon Review: “Durable and compact. Love it because they don’t take up a lot of room when traveling.”
  • Where to Buy: $14.39 on Amazon.


Electronic Accessory Organizer

Gifts for Travelers

We live in a world of electronics and this is the perfect bag to help keep you organized during your travels.  All your cords, power banks, power strips, and more can all be stored in one convenient location.

  • Amazon Review: “I’m thrilled with the Electronic Accessories Organizer! Its top-notch quality ensures durability, while its well-thought-out design neatly holds all my tech essentials.”
  • Where to Buy: $17.49 on Amazon.


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