NEW Menard’s Masterforce 20V Tools and More

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If you’re from the Midwest like us, then you are probably familiar with Menard’s. This hardware store chain is only in 13 U.S. states, but is the third most popular hardware store after The Home Depot and Lowe’s. Great prices and a catchy jingle are just a few things they are known for. Menard’s Masterforce, its store brand, provides affordable tools with some professional-grade features, for the everyday consumer. Menard’s just released five new items to its Masterforce line, including three 20V power tools.

Today, we are checking out the five new items in the latest Menard’s Masterforce release. Even if you do not live near a Menard’s, these tools are worth checking out since Menard’s ships nationwide.

NEW Menard’s Masterforce 

Menard’s Masterforce 20V Tools

All of the tools in this Menards Masterforce release are powered by Masterforce BOOST XHC 4.0 Ah 20V lithium-ion batteries. These Masterforce BOOST XHC batteries are an improved version of previous 20V Masterforce batteries, and deliver three times as much power in a small body.

Most of these tools are sold bare-tool, but certain products offer a combo with a battery and charger.

Menard’s Masterforce isn’t limited to 20V power tools. They also make 80V batteries for larger power items. Interested? Check out our review of Menard’s Masterforce 80V OPE.

Masterforce 20V 3/8 in. Impact Wrench

  • Model #: 241-0342
  • Price: Estimated to be $79.99 after release.
  • Where to Buy: Will be sold exclusively at Menard’s.

Masterforce 20V 4-1/2 in. Compact Circular Saw

  • Model #: 2410344
  • Price: $99.99
  • Features: Brushless motor design for longer life and more power, 1-5/8 in. cutting depth, compact and lightweight, built-in dust blower and on-board dust port for better visibility and safety, electronic blade brake, built-in LED light, and storage hook.
  • Where to Buy: Available at Menard’s (find a store) or buy online.

Brushless motor design and Masterforce FlexPower capabilities combine to provide up to 30% more power, improved runtime and motor life than standard two-pole motor models.

Includes multiple features to improve safety and visibility for better user experience and accuracy.

Masterforce 20V Brushless Jig Saw

  • Model #: 2410334
  • Price: $129.00
  • Features: Brushless motor, 0 to 3,000 SPM variable speed trigger, built-in dust blower, 4-position orbital action and toolless, easy bevel adjustment, and built-in LED light.
  • Where to Buy: Available at Menard’s (find a store) or buy online.

Brushless 20V Jig Saw designed for improved performance and runtime. Easily adjustable with visibility features for precise cutting.

Menard’s Masterforce Accessories

Menard’s Masterforce has more than just tools. Here are two additional items meant to improve how you use and enjoy your Menard’s Masterforce tools.

Masterforce 21 in. Deep Modular Tool Box

  • Model #: 2452481
  • Price: $49.50
  • Features: Heavy-duty polymer construction, IP65-rating weather protection, removable and customizable internal storage compartments, two heavy-duty metal latches, padlock hole, 100 lb. carrying capacity, and part of Masterforce modular toolbox system.
  • Where to Buy: Available at Menard’s (find a store) or buy it online.

What better place to hold your Menard’s Masterforce tools than in a Masterforce toolbox? This toolbox is part of the Masterforce modular toolbox system. There are additional sizes available, including a rolling toolbox.

Masterforce Jobsite Radio

  • Model #: 241-0346
  • Features: Portable jobsite radio with Bluetooth and comfortable, ergonomic handle for easy transport. Can be powered with Masterforce 4.0Ah 20V lithium-ion battery, or with included power cord.
  • Where to Buy: Will be sold exclusively at Menard’s.

Menard’s Masterforce Wrap-up

So, that’s what’s new at Menard’s. Are you a lucky Midwesterner with a Menard’s near you? If so, have you used Masterforce tools before? Do you like them? Do any of these new Menard’s Masterforce releases appeal to you? Let us know!


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