Hart Hand Vac

Hart Hand Vac

Today we are going to cover the Hart Hand Vac.  If you are not familiar with Hart Tools, I would suggest learning more about them here – Hart Power Tools.  Hart is an exclusive tool brand at Walmart.  Hart has a history and is one of the companies that is backed by a larger company so they have the know-how and experience to make not only good tools but a reliable battery platform.

Hart Hand Vac Information

Hart Hand Vac Features

Hart Hand Vac

The vacuum is lightweight and designed for clean up around the house, clean up in your workshop or for your automobile.  The vacuum is great for quick clean up jobs.

The vacuum is powered by the Hart 20V battery which powers a wide range of other power tools.

Hart Hand Vac

The tool is turned on and off by a slide switch.  So no holding a button or trigger on.  Just turn it to on and the vacuum will stay on until you turn it off.

Hart Hand Vac

To take the canister off to clean the filter or empty the canister, there is a push-button located just in front of the on/off switch.

As you can see, the vacuum has plenty of filters to stop larger items from getting to the smaller filter and clogging it up and lowering the suction.  Plus the filters are easy to clean.

The vacuum comes with three attachments and a 2′ hose.

Hart Hand Vac Impressions

As you can see, what is not to like about the suction of this vacuum.  We did a small area to show the before and after difference.

Hart Hand Vac

The vacuum picked up a lot of dirt and having the multiple filters is a huge benefit.

While I love the power, the ergonomics, and the attachments, the one thing I would like to see changed is the hose.  The hose is plastic so while it flexes, it’s stiff.  I would love to see a hose that is less stiff and a hose that retracts and expands.

Other than that, I think it’s a great vacuum for household project clean ups, around the shop and cleaning out your automobile.

Hart Hand Vac Wrap Up

If you are part of the Hart line, this is a great addition.  Yes, I would like to see a higher quality hose but again, the vacuum is only $49.  I love how it comes with an extra filter and the vacuum is powerful, so what is not to like about this vacuum?


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