Greenworks Pro Lawn Mower – 80V Power

greenworks pro lawn mower

greenworks pro lawn mowerGreenworks has been making OPE products for a while.  They make anything from residential products all the way up to professional products.  However today we are talking about the Greenworks Pro, but it is more geared towards the homeowner.  Now if you have been looking around for a cordless lawnmower, you might want to check out our head to head lawn mower review.  We took a look at 5 popular models of cordless lawnmowers to see what we liked and didn’t like about each one. We have tested some of their other products in the past including a cordless lawn mower.  However for today we are going to stick with the Greenworks Pro Lawn Mower model MO80L510.  You can buy this in a kit or just as a bare tool.


Greenworks Pro Lawn Mower Overview

greenworks pro lawn mowerWhen Greenworks designed this mower, they were trying to hit a home run.  They designed this with a killer brushless motor that is based off their 80V platform.  This means more power and longer run times.  One cool aspect to this mower is the Smart Cut Technology which means it’s not always running full speed.  If the mower senses a thicker part of the lawn or needs more power, it will kick it up a notch so it can barrel through the tough spots.  This not only helps the mower get through tough conditions, but also helps save on battery and provides a longer run time.  Why would you want the motor running at full speed when you don’t need it? They also designed this mower with a steel deck.  The steel deck is great for some, but not for others.  While the cut quality is one of the best, it also adds a ton of weight, so if you have a hilly area, you will need to work a little harder.  For those who want options, you can either bag, mulch or use the side discharge to cut your yard.

The Greenworks Pro lawn mower is designed with a single lever to adjust your height.  The height can be adjusted anywhere from 1-3/8″ to 3-3/4″, perfect for spring/fall mowing or the dead of summer.  The back of the mower uses 10″ wheels, while the front has 8″ wheels.  In regards to charge time, you are looking at about a 30 minute wait for the 2Ah battery and a 60 Minute wait time for the 4 Ah battery.  The handle on the mower is not too bad as you can adjust the positions.  You can even fold down the handle for storage.

Greenworks Pro Lawn Mower Thoughts

greenworks pro lawn mowerThere are a couple things we really loved about this mower, but then there were some things we didn’t like.  So staying positive, let’s start out with what we liked.  First, was the cutting capability.  This machine was one of the top cutting lawn mowers we tried.  Now I am not sure if the steel deck has something to do with it, but it did a great job.  Even the bagging left a clean yard and put most of the waste right into the bag.  As far as run time, this unit surpassed the other units, but again that wasn’t under a load.  While the deck and motor felt solid, I can’t say we were too impressed with the handle.  While it was easy to adjust, there just seemed like too much play for the back and forth operation.  Another item we aren’t a huge fan of is where the top handle meets the bottom handle, there are thumb screws to tighten and loosen.  This type of set up always seems to be a pain as they tend to rattle loose over time.  Yes, most mowers are equipped like this, but it doesn’t mean we have to like it.  Now if you are looking for a lightweight cordless mower, you might want to look somewhere else.  While the cut is great, the steel deck adds a ton of weight compared to other mowers that performed the same or better.  With a price tag of $595, we just feel it was a little expensive.  So is this a bad buy?  Not a chance.  The mower is great, the quality is there and a reputable company backing it is hard to beat.  If you are the person who likes steel decks, this is for you.  If you would rather have a lighter mower, yes there are better options.  Would I mind mowing my yard with this machine?  Not if I had more flat parts, but since my backyard is a little hilly, this is just a little too heavy for my liking.



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