Toro 60V Stripe Lawnmower

Toro 60V Stripe Lawnmower

When it comes to Outdoor Power Equipment (OPE), Toro has a long history.  While they are newer to the battery-powered OPE products, they seem like they haven’t missed a beat.  Today we are going to check out the Toro 60V Stripe Lawnmower, which is a new mower to their popular 60V line of OPE products.

Toro 60V Stripe Lawnmower Overview

Toro is one of those companies you see all over.  Visit a baseball park and you will probably see a Toro mowing the field.  Go to your local park, same thing, probably a Toro mowing, trimming, and more.  My point is that when it comes to knowledge and experience, Toro is not new to the game.  So when they come out with a new mower, it is wise to take a look, which we are doing today.  So let’s jump in and see the Stripe mower and what it has to offer.

Toro 60V Stripe Lawnmower Features

Toro 60V Stripe Lawnmower

The Stripe mower has seven different models in this line. The mower is a self-propelled mower that features a 21″ deck.

The mower is powered by a single Toro 60V battery which can also be used in 75 other Toro tools.  The battery can run up to 65 minutes and is designed for 2/3 acres of grass or less.

Toro 60V Stripe Lawnmower

The handle has a comfortable setup with a curve to the handle which makes it easy to work with.  There is a bar on the top and bottom, one is the safety bar and the bottom will engage the self-propelled, which the speed can be adjusted on the right side with a dial.

A user has two options, bag or mulch.  Both are easy to use and easy to change.  If you want a side discharge, once you register the product, you can request a side discharge chute.

Toro 60V Stripe Lawnmower

One interesting feature is how you change the height.  Some mowers need to be adjusted at each wheel while others have a single lever to adjust all four wheels at the same time.

For me, I like the Toro setup.  There is a single lever on the back that will adjust the back wheels at the same time.  On the front, it is set up the same way where one lever will control the height of both wheels.  I like having the freedom and more control over the height with this setup as opposed to one lever for all four wheels.


Toro 60V Stripe Lawnmower

The mower is designed with two blades which results in better cutting, better mulching, and a better finished lawn.

Toro 60V Stripe Lawnmower Performance

When it comes to performance, this mower doesn’t lag.  If you have followed our Instagram, you can see how well this mower has performed on green grass.  Unfortunately, we just did videos and never took pictures.  By the time we took pictures, our grass was dormant.  Above is just two passes on the right side.

With green grass, it does stripe the grass.  Not like what we have seen on a baseball field but better than other mowers.  The outcome of the striping is going to depend on the grass and the height and thickness of the grass.

One thing we noticed was this mower is powerful.  When it hit deeper or tougher spots, the mower ramped up quickly and provided the needed power to cut tall grass.

Toro 60V Stripe Lawnmower Price

You can pick up the Toro Stripe from $379 to $729 depending upon the model number. The model number is basically going to determine the battery size and accessories you get, but it’s the same mower.  As a consumer, I think this is a great deal because if you price this on the lower model, this offers more options and power than some of like models in the field.  For the high-end models, this is in line with other like models.

Toro 60V Stripe Lawnmower Wrap Up

The bottom line, this is a great mower.  The mower is powerful and easy to use, plus provides a clean-cut lawn.  Considering you can use the battery with a wide range of other 60V Toro tools, this is a great option for the homeowner.


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