Women and Power Tools

Ryobi Combo kit 6Over the years we have had a lot of women email me about power tools and tools in general, so we decided to write an article geared towards women and power tools.  We titled the article power tools for women only because we receive so many emails from divorced women who have told us their husbands use to take care of the DIY work. This article is really designed for a beginner DIY.  I am sure there are plenty of men who will gain valuable insight from this information also.  Again, this is for beginners and what tools they should start out with.

Which Manufacturer Should I Invest With?

The number one question we get is which manufacturer should I buy?  I always recommend Ryobi Power Tool for a new DIY person for a couple of reasons.

      1. Ryobi tools are quality tools
      2. Ryobi tools won’t break the bank.
      3. Most Ryobi tools are sold as bare tools.  Once you have a couple of batteries, you won’t have to pay extra for a charger and battery that will just sit around.
      4. Ryobi has a huge line of tools, which means you can expand into new tools and not have to worry about buying into a new battery platform.
      5. You can buy Ryobi at your local The Home Depot.

What Tools Should I Own So I can Tackle The Most Common Homeowners Issues?

Another question we receive is,” What tools should I have to fix the most common problems around the house?”  While it would be great to own them all, it just doesn’t make sense from a financial aspect or space aspect.  Below I have listed the most important tools.  You don’t have to buy everything, such as the circular saw.  Remember, never use a tool you don’t feel comfortable with, safety first.  You will probably never need a circular saw, but we have had questions on it so I decided to include it. 

The list below is a great start.  You might look at some of those tools and not even knw what they are, which is fine.  But as you start to progress into your DIY projects, some of these tools will make your life easier such as the T-Bevel.  Also as you watch YouTube channels, you will see people using these and understand how they work and how they can make your life easier.


The perfect Tool Box to Fix Anything

Women and Power Tools Toolbox

Tool Box – There are many sizes and shapes of tool boxes available.  Try to buy a tool box that that is simple and lightweight.  Look for one that has a top tray that is removable, so you can store more items below.


Women and Power Tools Tape Measure


Tape Measure –  Look for a tape measure that has a rubber coating around it and that will measure anything up to 25 ft in length.  For the most part, everything you measure will be under 10 feet, but having a little extra capability is always useful when needed.  The Stanley FatMax is a Great Tape.


Dewalt Folding Knife

Utility Knife – There are many types and manufacturers of utility knives.  This is a very handy tool to own.  It is a simple tool that has a handle and a razor blade.  As simple as it is, a utility knife has many uses.  Dewalt Makes a great utility knife.  Tool Free Blade change is always a nice feature.



Torpedo Level – A torpedo level will help make everything you hang level.  It is a tool that is filled with color liquid and has an air bubble inside.  It’s great for hanging pictures.  Empire has been in the business for a long time and they make great reliable levels.


Combination Square

Combination Square – A combination square is very handy.  This square can help you with 90 degree or 45 degree angles.  The main reason for the square is to help make sure things are square and help make a perfect line if you need to cut anything.  Irwin has a great name and makes a great square.




Hammer – A hammer is for pounding in and removing nails.  Make sure you buy a claw hammer.  There are other hammers such as a demolition hammer that have a bigger head, but it is also heavier and the claw is straight, those hammers are not for removing nails.  Stanley has a very nice hammer that is lightweight and has anti-vibration.



Ryobi Drill

Drill –  You can buy a corded or cordless drill.  I would suggest a cordless Ryobi 18V.  Cordless is the way to go since Lithium Batteries can sit on the shelf for a long time without having to recharge them.



Screwdriver Set

Screwdriver Set – I would look to buy a set of screwdrivers.  Buy a set that contains Phillips and flat heads. The most common Philips is a 1,2,3 size.  Personally, I love the Craftsman.  They offer a bunch of different sizes in their set and they don’t kill you on the price.



Clamps – Clamps will come in handy when you are gluing something together. These also come in sets and I would recommend buying a set that contains a couple of hand clamps that are smaller and a couple of large clamps for bigger projects. There are two types of clamps: quick grip and hand tight clamps. Hand tight is clamping by the force of your hand. Quick grips use a trigger and as you press the trigger the clamps squeeze down. I am a fan of the Irwin set.


Ryobi Sander

Sander – There are numerous sanders available. The best for an all around sander is a random orbital sander, variable speed. You can use this type of sander on most applications. This type of sander spins and wiggles, but never in the same way. It is great for removing large amounts of wood or perfect to remove just a little bit if you are applying a finish. A variable speed would be best as you can adjust the speed depending upon your application. Also look for one that has a dust bag attachment that collects most of the saw dust. Again I would stick with a Ryobi and you can buy either a corded or cordless version.



Stapler – A staple gun is great for fastening all types of material. I use it mostly for fabric when making footstools or if the fabric from the sofa or chair comes undone. I would recommend buying the new type of stapler, the power stapler. Old staples had the handle in the back. The new staplers have the handle in the front, so when you push down, the pressure is being applied to where the staple comes out. This Craftsman is a top pick.  I have owned this for over 5 years and it still works great.



Pliers – I mixed this together. Pliers, wire cutters and needle nose pliers. You can buy this in a kit and would recommend it. These come in handy when trying to hold a bolt in place when you are trying to tighten it. The wire cutter obviously cuts wire. There will be times when you need these. Needle-nose pliers have a long front on the pliers and are designed for getting in tight spaces. Again, not another tool you will use every day, but when you need them, they are nice to have around.  Again I like the Irwin when it comes to a plier kit.


Socket Set

Socket SetSocket sets come in handy because pretty much everything has a bolt or nut attached to it.  Sure you can use pliers, but to get the job done the right way, it’s nice to have a socket set.  These types of sets can be pricey, but the Stanley has a pretty good price for everything they offer in the kit.



T Bevel

T-Bevel – The purpose of a T-Bevel tool is to help fabricate pieces that are not square. The idea behind this is to measure the angle. You put this tool on the project and line up the two sides. This will get the angle for you and you can transfer it to any piece of work you are doing.


Plumb Bob

Plumb Bob – A  plumb Bob uses the law of gravity. There is a string attached to the metal Bob. A plum bob is a level for a vertical measurement, such as hanging closet doors. When you hold it up in the air, the bob hangs below, at the exact spot below and at the top, you then have a true vertical line that is correct.  Stanley makes a great one and it won’t break the bank.



Ryobi Jig Saw

Jig Saw – A Jig Saw is a very handy tool to have around.  Sometimes you have to make curve cuts or cut around something and that is where a jig saw shines.  For a jig saw you can buy cordless or corded.  Personally, I like the cordless.


Ryobi Circular Saw

Circular Saw – You may never use a circular saw and if you don’t feel comfortable, don’t use it. They are very powerful and are designed to cut through thick wood, so they can do some damage to a human if they are not careful. If you decide to buy one, Ryobi offers a nice model that is very light weight, but powerful enough to cut through some serious lumber.

If you have questions please feel free to Contact or visit the Power Tool Forum and talk with other users.