Power Tool Reviews

Buying a power tool is a big step for a couple of reasons.  First, power tools are expensive.  Second, they can be dangerous.  Before you buy, make sure you read power tool reviews.  

Power Tool Reviews

So where do you go to get power tool reviews?   There are a couple of places to go and learn about reviews

Power Tool Reviews Websites

There are a ton of websites that review power tools.  There isn’t anything wrong with checking out a bunch of them before you make a purchase.  Some of the websites you have to take with a grain of salt for a couple of reasons.  While there are many reputable power tool review websites, some aren’t.

Some people setup site and their only goal are to make money.  They stick affiliates everywhere on the site and say every tool is good so you buy it through their link.  Most of the time you will be able to see what sites are set up like this.

Some sites get free products and will put the manufacturer first and not their readers.  The best way to gauge who is doing this is to look around and read a bunch of their reviews.  I can understand if most of their reviews are positive, but if they never have a negative thing to say, I would be a little caution with their opinion.You will see websites offer unbiased power tool reviews.

After a while, you will see which websites are biased and which ones who are honest.

Power Tool Reviews Online Stores

Most online stores have a section where users can leave feedback.  While in theory, this is a great idea, you still have to be careful of these reviews for a couple of reasons.

First, most people will go online and leave a review when they are unhappy.  While happy people do leave a review, most don’t.  Read the reviews because some people just like to complain.  Maybe they gave it one star because there wasn’t direction or something else that is meaningless

Second, some of these reviews are paid for.  Sometimes companies pay for people to leave them great reviews.  You will see some site that will disclose this while others you do not have to disclose this.  In fact, there are companies who specialize in leaving positive reviews.

You will have to weed through the reviews and see which ones were paid and which ones were just mad

Power Tool Reviews Owners

This is probably the best wway to get a review is ask a friend or someone you know who has first hand experience with the tool.  Ask them why they like it and what don’t they like about.  These are great people because they have nothing to gain or lose by telling you the truth.  Look to these people for answers.

Power Tool Reviews Forum

As with owners, forum users are awesome for a number of reasons.

First people in a forum are there because they love the subject, such as tools.  No one is paying them to be there.  These people have a ton of knowledge and experience.

Secon, people in a forum have nothing to gain or lose by telling you the truth.  I know people in the Power Tool Forum are very honest and experienced.  If you want to now the truth, go there and ask a question.  These guys are awesome and will tell you like it is.