Power Tool Question


Do you have questions about power tools?  Where do you go or who do you ask?  Well, you have come to the right place, Tools in Action.  We have a bunch of guides that can help, we have a Power Tool Forum with very knowledgeable people who can help and we have a great website, which can all help with your questions.

Another great way to find answers is to talk to your local professionals and get their input.  Most of these people have years of experience and can pretty much answer any question.  I know on The forum, we have guys that pretty much know everything.

Another hidden gem is your local hardware store.  I am not talking about the 18-year-old punk who is working there because his mom told him to get a job and doesn’t know his left from his right.  There are a lot of old timers who work at these places as a second source of income or are bored during retirement.  These guys have a wealth of knowledge.