Home Improvement and Woodworking – Tips and Tricks

  • Woodworking Tips and Tricks
    Give longer life to your saw blades and your saw. When you are done cutting with your saw, spray a little WD-40 on the blade to help protect the saw blade. When your saw blade gets dirty, clean with Simple green.
  • Dust and dirt can cause the seals of air-powered tools to wear out too quickly. To protect brad and nail guns from sawdust and debris when they’re not being used, I simply plug the air inlet holes with golf tees.
  • Cutting Plywood – Circular Saw: cut with the “best face” down. Table Saw – cut with the “best face” up.
  • Working with power tools can be perfectly safe provided you work with care. A messy shop is an accident waiting to happen. Loose power cords and scrap woods are a tripping hazard. Tools left out can be damaged and unsafe to use. The best way to prevent an accident is to keep things picked up.
  • To prevent stripping a screw when drilling into hard wood, always make a pilot hole 1/2 the diameter of the screw. A little soap on the screw can act as a good lubricate.
  • To get a dent out of pine, such as a table top or door. Put a little water on the dent, put a small damp rag over the spot and press an iron on the spot. This will lift the wood back into place.