Making a Power Tool Last

Milwaukee Drywall Screw GunPower tools are expensive, so if you think ahead and plan to care of these tools, you can make them last for a long time.  So how do make sure our power tools will last?  What can be done to extend the life of power tools?  Below are a couple simple steps you can take to protect your investment in tools.

1. Use Sharp Blades

As power tool users, we tend to just use our tools and never think about the blade.  We make a couple cuts today, then a couple tomorrow and so on.  We never think about the blade until it dawns on us that we are having to jam the saw through the wood.  We all do this, and it is truly a bad habit.  Using a dull blade not only produces bad work, it causes extra wear and tear on your power tools.  If you have an expensive blade, no worries.  Most blades can be easily sharpened at your local hardware store, just make sure you shop around first.  Blades have come down in price so much over the years that is pays to have a couple on hand just in case. Always make sure your blade is sharp.

2. Use the Right Blade

Using the right blade for the project is crucial.  If you are cutting plywood, use the right blade, a plywood blade.  Trying to cut oak using a steel blade will cause more heat on your tool than it should. This can be prevented by using the proper blade, such as a Carbon tip blade which cuts through harder wood better.  I know we all want to save time and just cut the wood with whatever blade is on the saw, but in the end, it puts a toll on your tools.

3. Use the Right Tool for the Project

Using the wrong tool for the project can eat away at your tools.  I am not talking about using a drill to cut a 2×4.  I am talking about trying to use a cordless trim saw to cut through sheet after sheet of 1″ plywood.  Think about what type of project you are doing and what tool would be best for the job.  If you are going to be using a tool for most of the day on a constant basis, try using a corded power tool or a cordless tool that is designed for the heavy duty work.  Just remember to use the right tool for the right project.

4. Keep up with the Maintenance

Every power tool comes with an owners manual or at least it should.  Take two minutes to see what the manufacturer recommended for service for the power tool.  Some don’t require much at all, so it is worth the time to figure this out and stay up to date with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

5. Clean the Power Tool when you are Done

This is very important.  Most of us forget about this, but cleaning your power tool after you are finished for the day can prolong the life of the tool.  If you even do something as simple as using your compressor to blow the dust out of your motor.  The next time you use the power tool, it will run that much cooler because it can now breath and dissipate heat better.

6. Keep in a Dry Place

Always store your power tools in a cool dry place.  Moisture can cause havoc on your motors and other metal parts.  Sometimes we have limited options as to where we can store our tools, so try to put a dehumidifier in the area to help take some of the moisture away. 

Using these six simple steps can help add years to the life of your power tools.