Safety Glasses

Before you pick up any power tools, you should always think about safety.  Remember, in one split second, your life could change forever.  Take off the jewelry and loose clothing to protect yourself.  One of the most import and common sense things you can do is wear your safety glasses.  I know, they get in the way, they fog up, they’re not comfortable, trust me, I have heard it all, I have even used these excuses myself.

Remember, you are using high-speed power tools and when something chips or breaks apart, it can travel at incredible speeds and your eyes are not designed to take this type of impact.  According to OSHA,  most eye injuries happen in the crafts field, such as mechanics and carpenters.  70% of all eye injuries are from flying objects.  Three fifths of these objects were smaller than a pin head.  Safety glasses are designed to take high impact objects to protect your eyes.

Over the years the safety glasses have become tougher and lighter.  However, they do have one design flaw, and that is, in order for them to work properly, they have to be worn! So make sure you always use them.

We were going to illustrate some eye injuries, but thought that might not be appropriate.  If you are really interested to see how sensitive your eyes are, just perfom a search on line for eye injury pictures.

So if you enjoy seeing your loved ones, you family, mountains, sunsets and all the other precious items in this world, keep your safety glasses on.