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Are you a woodworker or want to get more involved in the art of working with wood?  We have a great place dedicated to woodworking.  In our archive section, you can find great tips and tricks about woodworking projects.  Are you a woodworker and want to share your knowledge and passion?  If so we would love to have you.  You can share your tips, tricks, and projects on our Power Tool Forum.  If you would like, we would love to share it on Tools in Action website and the section below.  Just contact us with your information and project specifications.  Do you want to be a regular contributor on Tools in Action?  We always love sharing cool projects and would enjoy you being part of the TIA Crew.  Woodworking is an art and craft, which talent.  Share it with the Tools in Action community and show the world your creative work.

Diablo SandNet

Diablo SandNET – An Introduction

I have been remodeling my house for a while and the one thing I go through a lot is sandpaper.  I have been using...

Bora Tool Speedhorse

When we first hear the name Bora Tool, our minds instantly think of their classic tools. Their edge clamp guides and mobile bases are...

Robert Sorby vs. Fast Cap Chisel

I am sure you are thinking this is like comparing a KIA to a Lamborghini and you might be correct, but we needed something...
Vise on Festool MFT

Sjoberg Portable Vise

Sjoberg (the s is silent) offers two models of portable work station vises. The Smart workstation pro that we tested is the more expensive...
Leigh eBush

Leigh RTJ400 Dovetail/Box Joint Jig

As everyone knows, Leigh offers one of the finest dovetail jigs on the market. The Leigh RTJ400 is their newest innovation and uses a...

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