9 Female Woodworkers & Carpenters You Should Know

Female woodworkers and female carpenters you should know

Woodworking and carpentry have traditionally been male-dominated fields. Today we’re introducing you to nine female woodworkers and carpenters that have shaken-up the industry for the better. Learn how they got their starts, what they offer, and what you can learn from them.

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Meet Our Female Woodworkers & Carpenters

Jen Woodhouse | Sadie Mae | Anika Gandhi | Alma Rose Villalobos | Claire Baldwin | April Wilkerson | Brittany Bailey | Ana White | Charlee Ostrander

Jen Woodhouse, Carpenter & Designer

Female Carpenters: Jen Woodhouse

From small closet glow-ups to building a backyard pavilion, Jen Woodhouse has done it all and everything in between.

Jen Woodhouse is a completely self-taught carpenter who developed her skills in 2010 when she was pregnant with her first child. At the time carpentry was a creative outlet, but 14 years later Jen and her projects have been featured in all your favorite DIY magazines and TV shows, and she’s a regular contributor for HGTV and The Home Depot.

You can find Jen Woodhouse on all major social media platforms, but you can find all of her free DIY plans on her blog, The House of Wood.

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Sadie Mae, Carpenter

Female Carpenters: Sadie Mae of The Awesome Orange

Nearly a decade ago Sadie Mae picked up a hammer and never looked back.

At the time she took a much needed break from her corporate 9-to-5 life. With time on her hands but a limited budget she started tinkering with the furniture in her home to give it some Sadie-style. She started learning from her carpenter friends and soon she was documenting her own builds on her new blog, The Awesome Orange, and began making furniture for others.

Since then Sadie Mae has grown The Awesome Orange and was able leave the corporate world behind while helping other women achieve DIY freedom with her platform. This is why Sadie Mae is a female carpenter that you should know.

Sadie Mae provides free project video tutorials on YouTube and offers a mix of free and paid build plans on her website.

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Anika Gandhi, Woodworker

Female Woodworkers: Anika Gandhi of Anika's DIY Life

Do you want to DIY your own furniture but are too overwhelmed to start? Then you need Anika Gandhi.

Anika Gandhi is a female engineer turned woodworker. With an “I can make that!” attitude and a no-jargon policy, she creates beginner-friendly woodworking plans on her blog Anika’s DIY Life that even I can understand. This is why Anika Gandhi is one of our female woodworkers that you should know. Her approach to DIY promotes that anyone and everyone is capable of building and bringing their own unique style to their homes.

You can follow Anika’s DIY Life on social media, or find her full collection of build plans, craft projects, home decor tips and more on her website.

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Alma Rose Villalobos 

Female Woodworkers: Alma Rose Villalobos of Pink Soul Studios

The start of Alma Rose Villalobos’s story may sound similar to the female woodworkers and carpenters on our list, but her unique products are what make her stand out.

Her story starts when she left her job at Apple to stay home with her son. This change in income made new furniture purchases more challenging, especially when Villalobos knew she could build it for cheaper, and that’s what she did.

Eventually, these home projects turned into client projects, and PinkSoul Studios was born. Why PinkSoul Studios? Alma Rose translates to “Pink Soul” in Spanish, and she wanted the business name to be open-ended so it could evolve with her.

This brings us back to what makes Alma Rose Villalobos different than our other female carpenters and woodworkers. She has a reputation as a CNC artist and for her custom push sticks and mallets. While PinkSoul Studios does produce traditional woodworking projects, these smaller pieces include fine decorative detail and a strong personalized feel for every client. Some of those clients include others on our list, such as April Wilkers and Sadie Mae.

PinkSoul Studios mostly builds client projects, but Villalobos also sells her build designs and products on her website.

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Claire Baldwin, Woodworker

Female Woodworkers: Claire Baldwin of Polish and Power Tools

Head down to Nashville and you will find Claire Baldwin’s custom woodwork and furniture in homes and businesses there and all across the state of Tennessee.

Claire Baldwin had no idea that a simple coffee table she made for her own apartment would eventually lead her to a woodshop and business of her own. Operating under the name Polish and Power Tools, Baldwin’s custom pieces often showcase a modern design mixed with rustic or industrial elements – a perfect combination for her Nashville location.

Baldwin is extremely active on social media and you can view her stunning portfolio on her website.

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April Wilkerson 

Female Carpenters: April Wilkerson of Wilker Dos

April Wilkerson bought a house in 2013 that needed a little work. She had no idea the home projects she filmed would gain a global audience.

April Wilkerson is one of our female woodworkers that you should know, but she mostly (and humbly) refers to herself as a “maker”. Wilkerson doesn’t like to limit her abilities to one skill and explains the diversity of her tutorials. She is constantly moving and learning, and once she’s done learning she likes to share that knowledge with others. This is how she became one of YouTube’s most popular female woodworkers. Her projects are not just for adults either. Wilkerson has kid-friendly tutorials as well to inspire the next generation of makers.

Wilkerson shares all of her free DIY projects on her website and sells a wide variety of building templates, merch, and products.

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Brittany Bailey, General Contractor

Female General Contractor Brittany Bailey of Pretty Handy Girl

Bailey grew up with parents who believed she and her sisters were just as capable at DIY as any boy. This gave her the confidence to take over a kitchen remodel gone wrong, and shake up an industry dominated by men.

Brittany Bailey created her blog, Pretty Handy Girl, where she documents her builds as projects as a licensed general contractor. She teaches readers how to do everything, from building projects, to installing electrical, and even vehicle maintenance. Her motto is “if someone can do it, then there is a 95% chance that I can do it too!” and she spreads that message to her readers and followers.

You can follow Brittany Bailey on social media or find all of her projects on her website.

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Ana White, Carpenter

Female Carpenters: Ana White

In 2009 Ana White couldn’t find furniture or modern woodworking plans that she liked – so she created her own! Since then she has built everything from coffee tables to tiny homes.

Ana White’s ingenuity is why she’s one of our woodworkers you should know.

Ana White provides her woodworking plans on her website. Her website also has a spot where woodworkers around the world can “brag” and show off their own woodworking projects.

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Charlee Ostrander

Female Woodworkers: Charlee of Build and Create HOME

For many, moving around a lot is a pain. For Charlee Ostrander it’s an opportunity!

Charlee Ostrander first got into DIY when her family bought their first home in Hawaii. She has since changed homes multiple times as she has moved all around the U.S. For her, each move is a chance to advance her woodworking, carpentry, and design skills, and led to the creation of her blog, Build & Create Home.

Everywhere Ostrander goes her modern chic and modern designs go with! Her designs also tend to be functional and practical.

You can find all of Charlee Ostrander’s DIY plans and crafts projects on her website, and find her all of her favorite Amazon products.

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More Female Woodworkers & Carpenters You Should Know

Did we miss anyone that inspires you? Leave their name, website, or social media info in the comments and we will consider them for future posts.

Stay tuned for more female artisans you should know!


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