Makita 36V (18Vx2) Cordless Blower Review Model BUB360Z2C

A while back we did a review of the Makita Cordless Chain Saw and we were very impressed.  Well now it’s time to expand and take a look at the Makita cordless blower.  If you are like me, when you hear Makita, you think professional power tools designed to be worked hard.  I don’t think of landscaping tools.  Well after using the chain saw and blower, I guess I do think about Makita.  In fact, Makita has a long line of power equipment like generators, blowers, chain saws, string trimmers, hedgers and brush cutters. In fact, the more I am learning about Makita PE, the more I realize how many people use them.  So let’s jump into this blower.

If you’re familiar with the Chain Saw review, this uses the same principle with the battery.  This intuitive design is top notch as it turns your 18V battery platform into a 36V platform which means you can invest in one battery platform.  Basically Makita designed an adapter that attaches to the blower and lets the user slide two 18V batteries in the adapter to power the blower.  So say goodbye to short run times and say hello to 30 minutes of continuous run time.

I have tried other cordless blowers which have been cool, but not too practical for the professional.  Usually they have the same outcome.  Short run times and low air velocity.  Well with the Makita, it’s different.  As noted you get 30 minutes of run time, but you also get an air velocity of 208 MPH which is powerful.  Besides being a practical PE tool, it has some nice features and is very easy to use.

The first thing I would like to mention is I love the ability to have instant power.  No more listening to a loud motor revving up, no more dealing with gas, oil or spark plugs.  The balance of the tool is very nice.  With both batteries, the blower only weighs 8 lbs.  While the blower is on, it’s not pushing your arm around.  You can easily control the blower in any direction you want.   Okay the instant power is great, but the one thing I love about this blower is the two speeds.  With the push of a button you can change it from high (17,000 rpm) to low (10,000 rpm).  This is great for the user so they can match the power and output to the application.

Speaking of application, who is this good for?  Personally, I think this blower is open to all kinds of people.  First, anyone who owns any of the 18V line. But most importantly it is great for a variety of people like landscapers, arborists, people who deal with patios and more.  Now I am not saying this is going to replace your gas blower.  This tool isn’t meant to replace gas. With the low setting it makes it a great tool for someone who is putting the finishing work on their patio and needs to blow off the extra joint lock, polymeric sand.  The high setting is great for cleaning walks or other areas with heavier debris.  The nozzle also comes off for storage, if need be.

Bottom line, the Makita blower is great.  Very easy to use and quiet.  Instant power and no more messing with gas, oil or spark plugs.  I have to say while I still look at Makita for making professional power tools, I now also look at them for making great power equipment.  If you’re in the market for a cordless chain saw or cordless blower that has long run time and you don’t need the gas versions, take a look at the Makita line.




  1. Great review! This 36v system is very interesting, it seems like it is working good for makita. Its about time they started sending you guys tools again, they were missing out haha. This would be great for a job site of even in a warehouse. Keep up the great work!

  2. Wow! Another great detailed review Eric! I don’t know how you write so much. Like i said before, no one else on the web is as thorough and detailed, and honest. That is a professional blower for the worksite. The 2 speeds Is useful to save battery life. They have a good set of original tools coming out.


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