Milwaukee M18 Fuel Sawzall Review


Milwaukee has been going crazy with their new Fuel line.  They started with drills and impacts, then moved over to cutting tools like the circular saw, grinder and now the Sawzall.  Milwaukee has built a reputation from this reciprocating saw.  A reputation of being tough and reliable.  In fact, most people call other manufacturers reciprocating saws, Sawzalls.  Well with the new Fuel, Milwaukee just broke through some barriers and made it even better.

Before we start you should know that anything Milwaukee calls “Fuel”, basically means it is powered by a brushless motor.  A brushless motor has a lot of advantages like cooler running, longer run times and a longer life from the motor.  Also, Milwaukee sells this as a bare tool (2720-20). They also offer this with one battery, multi-charger and a case (Model 2720-21) or you can buy this with two batteries which is the 2720-22, which also comes with a case and multi-charger.

Alright, let’s jump in and see what’s cool about this tool.  The first thing I want to point out is when Milwaukee upgrades their tools, they don’t just make one change and call it a new tool.  They actually redesign and truly build on what was great about the previous version.  Well the Sawzall is no different.  First, the biggest changes have to do with the brushless motor and now they offer it with a 4.0 A/h battery.  Both of these are a big jump forward as you will get more run time and longevity.  Yes, I know you already knew that.  Okay picking up the tool, you will notice a couple things. First, it has a very nice feel and balance to the tool.  If you are use to the older model, you will also notice it’s a little heavier by about a 1 lb., weighing 8.9 lbs.

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Sawzall 10One thing I was really glad Milwaukee added to this tool was an adjustable shoe.  In the older model, the shoe would pivot, but you couldn’t adjust the shoe length.  However, they didn’t incorporate an orbital action, which would have made this saw a 10 out of 10.  Not a huge deal, but it would have been nice to help with the speed of the cut especially since the Fuel has 200 fewer SPM compared to the older model of 3,200.  Even though they gave up 200 SPM, in return they gained power, which is one of the biggest pluses to this saw.  This is one powerful saw.  The older saw was nice, but you could feel times it would be working hard on certain projects.  I am not going to say this will replace your corded Super Sawzall, but this thing does kick some serious a**.

On the top of the saw you will notice a shiny retractable hook, which is called a hang hook or rafter hook.  This isn’t some flimsy hook, it’s nice and sturdy and will take the abuse of the constant banging around.  Another “about time” addition to this tool is the LED light on the front.  Not that you will light up a room, but it will light up your work, which is always helpful.

Milwaukee stuck with the full rubberized grip in the front which is perfect for comfort and control.  Comparing the older model to this, the rubber grip on the Fuel is much better.  I really can’t explain the feel, but when you pick it up, you will know what I mean.

Should you Upgrade?

If you have been following us for a while, you probably know I usually don’t recommend upgrading a tool just because it’s a new model.  I always figure if your tool is working, why spend the money to have a new model when the old one still works.  A lot of times I feel the money could be spent on other things, like a donation to Tools in Action.  However with this new Sawzall, I definitely feel upgrading from the old model to the new Fuel is well worth it. Now I am not saying the older 2620 is bad, it’s just the Fuel is so much better.

Overall this is a huge improvement from the previous M18 Sawzall.  Milwaukee has always led the way in the reciprocating saw market.  While the older model was good, it allowed the competition to come close and compete.  With the new Fuel, it’s back in a class of it’s own.  The feel and balance are great and the power is what you would expect from a Sawzall. All the upgrades are meaningful and practical to help the user.  If you want the best, go with the best, the Milwaukee M18 Fuel Sawzall.


  1. Great writeup Eric, that is an awesome tool, i love all the features but the ultimate sawzall would have been to have orbital like you said but then have the four way blade change. I really like that feature on the dewalt. Keep up the great work.

  2. have older one….really like new features and being
    fuel…same color as santa suit..nice christmas gift.
    milwaukee did it again .making me wanta cooler saw.

  3. love it, want it, but i have to wait unfortunately but when it comes to Australia by god i swear it shall be mine haha cant wait to see the grinder video when you guys do it too. smashing work boys, keep it up

    from your mate


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