Maxxeon Pocket Floodlight Pen Light Review


When Dan first told me about the Maxxeon pen lights, I really didn’t think much about them.  Then when I saw them, I wanted all three of them.  Pen lights are very handy for a variety of trades and just anyone who needs a light.  They are handy to carry in your shirt, in your truck or in your tool bag.  When you need to see a serial or model number etc, these are usually located on the back of a unit which is in a dark spot.

Maxxeon has been around for about 10 years and they focus their attention on portable lights.  Now for me it doesn’t seem like there is much to review or talk about when it comes to pen lights.  As long as they are bright, have a long battery life and can withstand abuse, I am a happy camper.  So let’s take a look at those items in order.

The light uses an LED Cree XP-E which is a cool 3w light and it puts out 140 OTF Lumens.  I have to say for a pen light, this is very bright and the light is a nice looking beam which makes seeing items much easier on the eyes.  It does seem like this beam spreads a little more than other pen lights I have seen so it doesn’t have the reflective glare that I have seen with other lights while trying to read smaller print.  There are no rings, shadows or hot spots with this light.  The distance to diameter is about a 1:1 so basically with it being a foot from an object, the beam is about a foot wide. To turn this light on, you can fully depress the button on the top and it will stay on.  You can also push it half way down and it will stay on until you let go of the button.  The switch is sealed to help protect from moisture and dust.

This light is powered by 3 AAA batteries and will last about 2 hours of continuous run time.  Now with a pen light, you are not going to leave it on that long.  Most of the time you may use it for 5 or ten minutes here and there.  For me the battery life isn’t bad, but it could be a little better, but again it’s 3 AAA batteries.

Okay, last item is toughness.  Now I didn’t throw this thing around, but we did drop it from about 6′, which it still worked afterwards.  One of the reasons is the body is made from T6 aluminum.  So it is lightweight and durable.  The RealTree camo cover is a rubber covered grip which not only makes it look cool, but it helps protect the light from drops.


Maxxeon Lights


Overall I like this light.  The price tag isn’t cheap which will stop some from buying this light.  However if your’re in the trades and you rely on pen lights, this is a good buy.  The light is bright, clear, easy to use, good life and should be durable for many years.





  1. I never thought about flashlights before. Just bought one wherever. These maxxeon lights look real tuff! Dropped 6 feet. Wow. Great review. Keep up the great work.

  2. tks Eric for review on maxxeon pen lights.
    looking around sites for the 340…found the
    340 pen light in carbon fiber look..and the 2040
    work light in carbon fiber looking
    forward to them..most prized lights i own to date.

  3. 2040 worklight and 340 workstar penlight arrived
    today fedex.2040 is now my favorite worklight.
    pure white dark or hot spots.penlight
    just amazing to.those cree led sure make big
    different.future going get red and black workstar
    to for dirty gritty work..carbon fiber one looks
    so is a coating..use them carefully to
    keep looking and black use
    cameo one to…undecided on which to get..never
    thought of hotspots in light before..cordless
    dewalt light..hotspot…milwaukee light 12 v
    hotspot…kobalt hybrid..2nd favorite..almost
    pure white..not as pure as workstar.maxxeon
    with 360 spin sweeeet.340 also do they do that with one led.
    make beam so wide with no artifacts.coool.


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