Top 10 Power Tool Christmas Gifts for Under $50

Top 10 Power Tool Christmas Gifts for Under $50

Yesterday we released the Top 10 Power Tool Christmas Gift for Under $25.  Today we are upping the ante and adding a new range of another $25.  Tomorrow we are getting crazier by increasing it by $50 and having gifts for under $100.  So sit back and check out our top 10 power tool Christmas gifts for under $50.

Who wouldn’t want a quality knife dressed in Camo?  I have owned this Milwaukee knife since it came out and I love it.  The Knife is the perfect size and I love how easy it is to open and close.  You can pick this up at The Home Depot for about $30.

Southwire has been coming out with some very useful and comfortable hand tools.  This tool is more than just a simple pair of pliers.  You can even pull fish tape and crimp with this tool.  We have reviewed a bunch of Southwire Hand tools and they are very comfortable when using for long periods of time.  Amazon is selling this pair for about $30.

Lose the cord with the Ryobi Glue Gun.  We reviewed this tool a while back and love it.  They are one of the only companies to offer a cordless glue gun.  The gun heats up fast and you don’t get the drips like you do with cheaper guns.  If you aren’t invested in the Ryobi line, this is one of those tools that will make you a believer.  You can pick this up at The Home Depot for about $30.

I have never used this set, but it has a ton of positive reviews on Amazon.  This is a 15 piece Router Set made with Titanium tips.  It’s always helpful to have an extra set of bits around because we always break them at the most important times.  You can grab this for about $44 on Amazon.

I have always had good luck with the Makita Gold Torsion set.  This one comes with 38 different pieces, plus a very nice case you can reuse and help you stay organized.  You can pick this up on Amazon for about $30.

Who wants to manually apply wax to their car or truck?  Not me.  The Ryobi makes it a piece of cake to apply and remove wax from your vehicle.  This is a bare tool, so if you already own Ryobi, this is another no-brainer.  This is at The Home Depot for about $40.

Multitools have changed a lot from the original Swiss tools I grew up on.  The new tools are practical and offer a ton of tools in a small little, easy to carry tool. This Gerber tool has a total of 12 different tools such as a knife, pliers and more.  Amazon is selling this for about $27.

Sears may have killed Craftsman, but these screwdrivers live to tell a tale.  I bought a set back in 2003 when I first bought my house.  I still have them today.  I think these are one of the most overlooked screwdriver sets on the market.  You get a total of 17 pieces with this kit and you can pick it up on Amazon for about $34.

Having a good reliable flashlight is a must for any household.  Doesn’t matter if you keep it in your house or your truck, a flashlight always comes in handy.  The Anker is rechargeable and a quality light for $26 on Amazon.

I own these Irwin clamps and they come in so handy for small projects around the house.  You get 4 hand clamps and 4 bar clamps in the 8 piece set.  Irwin makes a decent clamp that you can really torque down on without it giving up.  You can pick this up on Amazon for about $36.


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