Top 10 Power Tool Christmas Gifts for Under $100

Top 10 Power Tool Christmas Gifts for Under $100

What do you think of the previous two days tool lists?

Today we are keeping with the theme of gifts under a certain amount of money.  Today we are focusing on the Top 10 Power Tool Christmas Gifts for Under $100.

The Dewalt is one of my favorite sanders, the Dewalt Random orbital sander.  I have owned both generations and they have both held up to the task over the years.  This is very comfortable and works likes a champ.  You can pick this up on Amazon for about $80.

Time and time again we have voted this the best stud finder for the money.  The Franklin stud finder is very easy to use but best of all, it’s extremely reliable.  The LED light system makes it easy to identify an object in the wall.  You can grab this from Amazon for about $52.

When it comes to Wet Dry Vacs, the Ridgid line of vacuums is one of the best to own.  This is a 12-gallon vac that comes with all the attachments you need for your home or job.  Just don’t give this to your lady friend for a gift, well unless you really like your couch.  You can buy this at The Home Depot for about $80.

If you are a homeowner looking for a nice compact router, this Ryobi is the one to own.  Ryobi has a huge line of cordless tools and this is just one of the hidden gems in their system.  No more messing around with cords.  Home Depot is selling this for $69.

Klein is one of the best hand tool manufacturers around.  They are known for their quality tools that last the test of time.  This screwdriver set is pricey compared to others on the market, but worth every penny.  It will be your last set, well unless you lose one.  You can pick this up on Amazon for about $60.

The Ridgid belt sander is a nice power tool to have around.  The sander is easy to control and has plenty of power for either pine or oak.  The bag system does a decent job of collecting most of the dust.  The Home Depot is selling this for $100.

Another hidden gem from Ryobi.  This is a 20 watt LED light that is perfect for those home projects.  No worries about burning out light bulbs or dealing with hot lights.  The stay cool Ryobi light is the perfect gift for those who love home projects.  The Home Depot is selling this for $69.

We reviewed this hoodie a while back and loved it.  Milwaukee has a ton of hoodies and jackets, but this is my favorite.  They call it a hoodie but it acts more like a jacket, but with the weight of a hoodie.  Looking for the perfect gift?  This is it.  Warm, stylish and practical, all in one.  Pick this up at The Home Depot for $69.

If you want something more than a battery powered router, check out the Ridgid.  Not only do you get a great compact router, but you get the sander, perfect for anyone who is working on a home project.  You can pick this up at The Home Depot for $99.

Who wants to invest in an expensive Track Saw when you only need it a couple times a year?  Kreg has developed an ingenious way to turn your circular saw into a track system.  Doesn’t break the bank and produces awesome results.  Amazon is selling this for $79.


  1. +1 on the Milwaukee Hooded Sweatshirt. I purchased one from Ferguson’s last year along with the more expensive jacket. I reach for the sweatshirt far more often, it’s initially more warm than the jacket, fits more comfortably, and it’s a lot more affordable.

    Especially down in Houston where it doesn’t get freezing temperatures very often, that sweatshirt will fill about 90% of your cold weather day needs.


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