Kreg Accu Cut Review

Kreg Accu Cut Review

When it comes to making your woodworking life easier, Kreg is one of the forefront companies with their jigs and more.  Kreg has been known to create quality and easy to use jig systems.  They find a woodworking process that is rather complicated and design a way to make it easier.  So it’s not a surprise when they ended up creating a system to make long cuts straight and accurate.  With that said, let’s take a look at the Kreg Accu Cut Review.

Kreg Accu Cut Review – Overview

Have you ever wanted to make a crosscut along a sheet of plywood or another long cut? Currently, you have a couple of options to perform this task.  You can free eyeball it, set up your own jig or invest in a rail system such as Dewalt, Makita or Festool.

Now if you are a hardcore woodworker, you will invest in the track systems like Festool, Makita or Dewalt.  However what about the rest of us homeowners who just want to make a straight cut occasionally, but don’t want to invest in the rail system with a saw or set up a jig?

Kreg Accu Cut Review

This is where the Kreg Accu-Cut comes into play.  If you already own a circular saw, you can now take your existing circular saw and turn it into a rail system that will accurately make straight cuts.

Kreg Accu Cut Review – Features

There are two main components to this system, the rail, and the sled.

Kreg Accu Cut Review

The sled is the part that attaches directly to your circular saw.  Using two screws, you can attach this to the front shoe of your saw.

Kreg Accu Cut Review

The rail system is very much like other rail systems such as the Track Saw.  There are two grooves that the sled fits into to keep it on track.  The Kreg rail system is made from a high-quality aluminum.

Kreg Accu Cut Review

On the bottom of the track, there are pads to help keep the rail system in place when you are making cuts.  These pads help ensure you don’t have to clamp it down when making cuts.  Obviously, on certain materials that are more slippery, you will have to clamp it down.

Kreg Accu Cut Review

Along the side of the rail system, there is an anti-splitter strip which will give you clean cuts.  The first time you make a cut, you will cut through this material so it works with your saw.

The rail system is a two piece system with the longest cut possible being 48″.

Kreg Accu Cut Review

Starting your cut is very easy.  There is a starting block to help align everything when the glide enters the rail system.  As a side note, you can use a right or left-hand blade style saw.

Kreg Accu Cut Review – Performance

Kreg Accu Cut Review

I have to say the Kreg Accu-Cut system is pretty neat.  There are a lot of times I try and free cut along a line.  Sometimes it comes out straight, other times it looks pretty bad.  The times where I really need to make sure the line is straight, I always set up a straight line.  I take my level, make the proper adjustments for the width of the shoe, clamp down the level and make my cut.  It works and I never have too much of an issue.


Kreg Accu Cut ReviewWith the Kreg system, it’s much easier than my level method, plus I get a clean smooth cut.  The pads on the bottom do a great job holding it in place when I make a cut.


Kreg Accu Cut Review

The sled runs smoothly along the track.  When I am pushing on the saw, there isn’t a resistance that gets in the way.

Kreg Accu Cut Review – Value

The Kreg Accu Cut is an awesome deal.  With a retail price of $79 and the ability to turn any saw into a rail system for accurate cuts, well that is great.  Instead of investing into a new rail system with a saw, you can now take your current saw and just buy the track. You now have the ability to make straight, accurate cuts for $79.

Kreg Accu Cut Review – Final Thoughts

Overall this is hard to go wrong.  The quality of the system is great.  While it would be nice to have a tool-free option to set up, the setup is simple and quick.  The quality of the cut is great and it’s very easy to use the system.  While it should offer longer cut runs and you don’t have the ability to plunge cut, it’s worth every penny.


  1. Even though I already have a 120V DeWalt Tracksaw, I am going to get the Kreg track so I can use it with my Milwaukee M18 6-1/2 cordless circular saw. It would be useful when AC is not accessible and eliminates the PIA cord! At $79, it’s a no-brainer for me. Thanks for the review Eric.

  2. The Accu-Cut system is a joke. Once you open the packaging you find out it will only work with metal circular saws (not worm-drive saws). Most tools I have seen are double insulated (AKA Plastic) and the Accu-Cut will not work with them but it doesn’t say this on the packaging. Too bad. I really like the idea.

    • It has deficiencies and won’t fit every model obviously, but it has nothing to do with whether they’re double insulated. It clearly accommodates many of them. The one in this review and numerous ones elsewhere.

  3. This tool is very poorly designed. The saw continuously comes out of the guide. It is held in by 2 screws. And the entire frames slips. How many sheets of plywood do you have to ruin to realize this is not an accurate system. It needs to be completely re-engineered. A cheap solution that does not work is no solution.

  4. Have not been impressed with my accucut xl so far. I have to effectively disable the blade guard on my saw to even get it to fit the sled and track. The sled is really flimsy. I am considering making my own sled out of wood or plastic and either screwing or taping it to my saw, but I might be better off selling this and buying a better system.

  5. Was really disappointed today after purchasing and unboxing my new kreg acc-cut 2700. The first thing that was evident is the sled is loose on the track. It will move side to side on the track. I was lead to believe it would work as accurately as a regular track saw except it wouldn’t have a plunge cut.. this is no better than a good straight edge or piece of wood as there is nothing to keep the sled and attached saw going straight. One reviewer said he put strips of tape on the sled grooves to take up the space that’s wider than the rails. Now I see what he was talking about. Disappointed as other kreg products seem top notch. I returned it for a refund . I would recommend looking else ware unless Kreg make some changes. Mikey


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