Milwaukee Vehicle Charger

Milwaukee Vehicle Charger

Milwaukee has been growing their market share by leaps and bounds over the last 10 years.  Ask any contractor if they have a cordless Milwaukee tool and I am sure the answer will be yes.  While battery technology has advanced, we are still far away from having a battery that lasts forever.  So let me introduce you to the Milwaukee Vehicle Charger.

There are those times we forget to charge a battery in the morning or we finish one job and head to another.  Sometimes we don’t have a fully charged battery for our next job, so what do we do?  We can either sit at the current jobsite and wait for a battery to charge or get to the next jobsite and wait there.

Milwaukee Vehicle Charger – Overview

Milwaukee being Milwaukee, they saw a problem and designed a solution.  Why should someone waste time and wait for a battery to charge when we could design a mobile charger?  So that is what they did with the Milwaukee Vehicle Charger, model 48-59-1810.

Milwaukee Vehicle Charger – Charger

Milwaukee Vehicle Charger

The Milwaukee Vehicle charger will charge both your M18 and M12 batteries.  The unit is sequential, so it will not charge them at the same time.  Whichever battery you insert first, that will be the first to charge.  When it gets done charging the first battery, it will move onto the second battery.

Milwaukee Vehicle Charger – Power

Milwaukee Vehicle Charger

This charger can be plugged directly into your 12-volt or 24-volt DC outlet.  One cool feature that Milwaukee designed into this charger is protection.  The charger will automatically shut down to prevent excessive discharge of your vehicle battery.

I am happy to see Milwaukee included a long power cord.  The charger has a 76″ cord which means you can easily plug the cord into the vehicle and have enough room to put the charger on the floor.

I think this is a nice addition and a much-needed addition to the Milwaukee lineup.  As more and more people invest in their popular platform, it’s nice to have options for the consumer as to how they will charge their batteries.


  1. The vehicle charger shown above looks very good and very beneficial to the users. Hope to buy the same charger very soon.


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