Ryobi 18V Palm Router Model P601

Ryobi Router

Ryobi currently has a palm router on the market that runs on their 18V platform.  If you check it out at Home Depot, people love the router and give it high praise.  So if you think that is a good palm router, you have to check out their updated palm router model P601.  This is a huge step up.

When I say it’s a big step up, this palm router feels great, feels like a quality router and has some great features to it.  Now,  you’re not going to use this router to create a house since it’s cordless, but this router has plenty of power to get a ton of small jobs done.  For most people, they want to use a router to put finishing touches on a project, but sometimes it can be a pain to take out a corded router, set it up and do your work.  With the Ryobi, just grab a battery, insert a bit and start your work.  Besides it being a quality router, what I really like about this router is it shows Ryobi is really trying to make a wide variety of tools for the homeowner.  Not that everyone will run out and get this tool, but there are those people who have the 18V line and don’t want to make a heavy investment into a corded router that will end up sitting around most of the time.

Ryobi Cordless Palm Router

With this router, you will get about 600 linear feet per charge, but again that depends on the type of wood and your bit.  In regards to power and speed, this router doesn’t lack.  The 1/4″ collect can spin at 29,000 which can make any final touches look like a pro did the work.  The quick release level is metal, not plastic, a huge plus.  There is also a LED light to help light up your work while working and keeping you in line.

All in all, this is a great router.  It’s a solid palm router that has the feel and power of the more expensive corded versions.  Removing the base is easy, but you do have to make sure the collect lock lever is pushed in so you can take the base off all the way.  The grip is nice and easy to maneuver due to the great design of the tool.


  1. how do you feel it compares to the Ridgid? The ridgid is Brushless, and the battery seems like it would be better balanced. Do you find either of those things to be short-comings on the Ryobi?

  2. I have been using the Ryobi P600 for years. In our door business, we use them for mortising strike plates and hinges. Rarely cut a a depth of over 1/8″. They don’t hold up well to weekly use and last less than 2 years. They have a 3 year warranty – but don’t ask me about that.
    Wish they would charge a little more and use bearings instead of bushings in the motor. Oh well, price is right and just plan on replacing them a lot.
    The latest version P601 changed the depth adjustment clamp. When you clamp it down, the depth of cut changes. Not well designed. Also, think the RPM’s are less than the P600. Finally, none of the Ryobi palm routers accept a router bit guide bushing (Porter Cable or equivalent) so you have to buy a P-C base and mount it to the router.


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