Milwaukee Sweatshirt Review

Milwaukee Sweatshirt Review

It’s not a mystery which power tool manufacturer offers the most job site workwear.  Ever since Milwaukee first introduced their heated jacket, other companies have been playing catch-up and no one has come close to Milwaukee’s vast array of jobsite workwear.  Most of Milwaukee’s jackets and hoodies are heated which means they are powered by a battery. While it’s an awesome idea and most people love them, it’s not for everyone.  So when Milwaukee launched their No Days OFF sweatshirt that didn’t run off a battery, it caught my attention.  So let’s jump into the Milwaukee Sweatshirt Review.

Milwaukee Sweatshirt Review Overview

I admit I am addicted to Milwaukee workwear.  The sweatshirt is comfortable, stylish and is built to last.  While I love the idea of wearing a jacket or hoodie that produces heat, I rarely use that function.  So I end up taking the 12V battery out.

What I love about the Milwaukee No Days Off Sweatshirt is it’s just a sweatshirt, well not really.  What I mean is the sweatshirt isn’t powered by a battery so I don’t have any wires to mess around with or batteries to carry around.

Now before you call me a fan boy of the Milwaukee gear, see what it has to offer and I am sure you will agree that this is more than just a sweatshirt.  It provides the protection of a jacket but the comfort of a sweatshirt.  As of today, this is my favorite sweatshirt/jacket.

Milwaukee Sweatshirt Review Features

Milwaukee Sweatshirt Review

The outer shell is made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester, while the inner shell is 100% polyester.

The composition of the sweatshirt provides water and wind resistant making it the perfect sweatshirt in a variety of environments.

Milwaukee Sweatshirt Review

The inside fleece lining gives it a nice soft feel and adds a layer of comfort.

The fitted hood is designed to be worn under your hard hat.

Milwaukee Sweatshirt Review

You can adjust the hood using two drawstrings on each side of the hood.

Milwaukee Sweatshirt Review

On the front of the sweatshirt, there are two large utility pockets.  The side of the pockets are sewn to prevent items from easily falling out.

Milwaukee Sweatshirt Review

The sides of the utility pockets are reinforced to prevent it from tearing or breaking down with the consistent use of putting your hands or tools inside.

Milwaukee Sweatshirt Review

Important parts of the sweatshirt are double stitched to help provide extra durability.

While it would be nice for a little larger zipper to operate with gloves, the zipper is solid and the attached string does make it easier with bulkier gloves.

I love how Milwaukee designed this with an interior flap and an extended neck to help offer more protection from the outside elements.

Milwaukee Sweatshirt Review

There is a double layer of reinforcement around the forearms which is huge. This always seems to be the area that wears out first.

Milwaukee Sweatshirt Review

The inside zipper pocket is a nice feature for those items you want to keep safe and not accidentally fall out of your sweatshirt.

The cuffs and waist have an elastic or rib area to keep it snug.  This way the wind doesn’t rush up your back or your sleeves.

Milwaukee Sweatshirt Review Performance

This is one of the most comfortable sweatshirts I have ever owned.  No, I am not trying to be a fan boy, it’s just that comfortable.  When I move around or bend over, I am not having to readjust the sweatshirt.  It stays in place.

I love the elastic wrist and waist, not to mention the inside pocket.  The front pockets are deep to either warm up your hands or carry around some small tools.

Most sweatshirts are thin but not this Milwaukee.  It’s weird because it almost feels like a jacket but it has the weight and comfort of a sweatshirt.

Milwaukee Sweatshirt Review Value

Okay here is the deal in regards to value.  This is a hard one to talk about value.   The Milwaukee 311B No Days Off Sweatshirt retails for about $70 on The Home Depot.

If you just think of this as a sweatshirt, then $70 is extremely expensive.  I understand why Milwaukee calls this a sweatshirt, but to me, it’s more.

This product is more like a coat for protection against wind and water, but it has the comfort of a sweatshirt.

So if you take into account the protection, plus the comfort, I think the Milwaukee 311B is a good value.

Milwaukee Sweatshirt Review Final Thoughts

Milwaukee designed another winner with their No Days Off Weather Protection workwear. While the sweatshirt is a little pricey, I love the comfort and what it has to offer the tradesman.  Built to last, this is a perfect solution to wear by itself or layered with a jacket. The hooded sweatshirt gives you the protection of a jacket and the comfort of a sweatshirt.

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  1. Killer review, Eric! I’m sold. How is the sizing on it? I’m built like a 5’8″ Worlds Strongest Man competitor and haven’t had a chance to try on any Milwaukee gear yet. Thanks!

    • LOL. I love it and have been wearing it all the time. I am 6′ and the farthest thing from a strong guy. I have more jiggle than anything. For me, I wear an XXL because I like things a little bigger. The sweatshirt is what i have seen with other XXL cloths


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