Milwaukee Fleece Hat Review

Milwaukee Fleece Hat Review

It’s no secret that Milwaukee is working very hard to own the job site workwear category. Over the years they have accomplished this goal and are known for their long line of workwear products.  They have jackets, hoodies, gloves and more.  Now, you can add one more SKU, a hat.  So let’s jump into the Milwaukee Fleece Hat Review.

Milwaukee Fleece Hat Review Overview

Winter is right around the corner, so now is the time you better think about different ways to keep yourself warm.  One key piece of clothing is a nice warm hat.  Not only does a hat keep you warm, but it protects your ears from frostbite.

Milwaukee Fleece Hat Review Features

Milwaukee Fleece Hat Review

The beanie style construction is perfect for those who want to keep their head warm during the winter months.  The beanie hat is made of 98% Polyester, 2% Spandex which helps resist snagging.

There is extra fleece in the bottom to help keep your ears warm while providing a soft texture which makes it comfortable.  This also helps stop the sweat from dripping down or feeling like you are wearing a wet towel.

Milwaukee Fleece Hat Review

The top of the hat has a traditional beanie style where it all comes together.

Milwaukee Fleece Hat Review Performance

I am not getting all scientific with the performance of the hat.  For me, I look for two things.  I want something that keeps me warm and is comfortable.

Milwaukee Fleece Hat Review

For me, the hat is extremely nice.  While yes it keeps you warm, I love how comfortable it is to wear.  I have other beanie hats, but they always itch especially if I start sweating. While I still sweat, it doesn’t feel like my head is just wrapped in a soaked towel.

The hat easily covers my ears and my forehead without feeling uncomfortable.

Milwaukee Fleece Hat Review Value

The hat retails for about $15 at Home Depot, which isn’t bad for a comfortable hat.

Milwaukee Fleece Hat Review Final Thoughts

Winter is right around the corner and if you can’t find your hat from last year, the Milwaukee is a nice replacement.  It keeps you warm and is comfortable.  So what else can I really say about this hat?

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