Milwaukee 11 in 1 Driver Review

Milwaukee 11 in 1 Driver Review

Milwaukee has grown their hand tool market by leaps and bounds over the years.  What was once a small category for Milwaukee has turned into a colossal line of hand tools.  They pretty much have a hand tool for every tradesman that will help make their job easier.  So without getting too long-winded let’s take a look at the Milwaukee 11 in 1 driver review.

Milwaukee 11 in 1 Driver Review Overview

When you’re an apprentice, your pouch and tool bags are pretty light since you don’t have many tools.  However, over the years the bags become heavier and you feel like you are holding up more weight (Not just because of our beer bellies).

As time goes on we collect more and more tools and end up having to carry them around, even though we don’t use them half the time.  Now companies have designed tools to lighten up our tool belts.

No longer are we carrying around 10 different screwdrivers.  Now we have a single handle that has different bits, such as the Milwaukee 11 in 1.

Milwaukee 11 in 1 Driver Review Features

Milwaukee 11 in 1 Driver Review

Milwaukee tells you exactly what tool you have with a simple label on the end of the handle.  No more guessing when you reach into your bag or pouch.

Milwaukee 11 in 1 Driver Review

The tool is an 11 in 1 driver.  There are a total of 8 different pieces that make up this tool.

  • Phillips #1
  • Phillips #2
  • Slotted 3/16″
  • Slotted 1/4″
  • Square #1
  • Square #2
  • Torx #10
  • Torx #15
  • Nut Driver 1/4″
  • Nut Driver 5/16″
  • Nut Driver 3/8″

Milwaukee doesn’t count it as a tool but it also acts like a loop tool for wire.

Milwaukee 11 in 1 Driver Review

The bits go into a sleeve, which gets inserted into another sleeve, which gets inserted into the handle.

Milwaukee 11 in 1 Driver Review

The shaft of the driver is a nice strong metal rod which will stand up to drops and other hard associations with a job site.

Milwaukee 11 in 1 Driver Review

If you have two main bits you use, you can easily switch back and forth between the two.

Milwaukee 11 in 1 Driver Review Performance

Milwaukee 11 in 1 Driver Review

For me, there are two things I look for in a hand tool like this.  The feel and how well the bits fit into a fastener.

First, on the list is the handle.  I know some people knock the Milwaukee handles.  While I think they could have a little better feel to them, I do like them but maybe because I am used to them.

Second, I have to say that the wide range of fasteners we tried, the driver bit fit into them nice and wasn’t sloppy.  So no worries about stripping them out even when you have to apply a ton of pressure.

Milwaukee 11 in 1 Driver Review Value

It’s hard to argue with a tool that lightens up your tool bag and tool pouch that only cost about $8 at Home Depot.  Try buying all these separate and see what you will pay.  To me, this is a no-brainer.

Milwaukee 11 in 1 Driver Review Final Thoughts

The Milwaukee 11 in 1 is a pretty good hand tool.  I know some will love this while others will balk at the handle as I have seen them do with other Milwaukee hand tool handles. Let’s face it, once you are comfortable with a certain style of handles, it’s hard to make a change.  For the rest of us, this is a great driver and offers a lot for only $8.

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  1. Great review. I bought this 11-in-1 driver the other day and then today I came across your review. I am exciting about using it. Thanks again for the wonderful review. It made me feel better about my purchase.


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