Milwaukee New Knives

Milwaukee Fastback Camo Knife 48-22-1996

Milwaukee announced the addition of 4 new knives.  Now I don’t know about you, but I love knives.  I am not exactly sure why since I don’t hunt and I am not in knife fighting clubs. The one thing I know is that knives can make your life a heck of a lot easier and that is what Milwaukee set out to do with these new knives.  I am not sure which knife to start out talking about because they are all cool.

Milwaukee Fastback Camo Knife – Model 48-22-1996

Milwaukee Camo Knife 48-22-1996

Probably my favorite knife.  Not because it’s a Fastback or it’s spring assisted, but because it’s Camo.  Yes, put camo on it and I am a buyer.  The Fastback knives have been out for a long time and have been proven to be tough and reliable.  Now Milwaukee has a new Fastback knife out, the spring assisted camo knife.  The blade knife is made of black oxide coated stainless steel.  As with their other Fastback knives, this also has a reversible belt clip. Just don’t drop this one in the woods because you will never find it.


Milwaukee Duct Knife – Model 48-22-1920

Milwaukee Duct Knife

I have to say this is one bad a** knife.  I when I say bad, I mean awesome.  Milwaukee designed this with a full metal tang which means the blade doesn’t stop at the handle, it goes all the way through, which makes it tougher than most. The knife is said to last 5 times longer.  The blade has two sides, one smooth and one serrated.  This also comes with a hard plastic sheath which makes it easy to access when dealing with the duct.  For those that would require a lanyard, there is a hole built in to customize to your length.


Milwaukee Insulation Knife – Model 48-22-1922 (Serrated) & 48-22-1921 (Smooth)

Milwaukee Smooth Knife 48-22-1921Milwaukee Serrated Knife 48-22-1922

The last knife in the line up is designed for insulation.  Milwaukee has two of these knives available, a smooth and a serrated knife.  As with the Duct knife, this also has a full tang which again provides for a tougher and more durable knife. The blade is a stainless steel blade and is designed to stay sharper, longer.  I know they all say that, but this blade does feel pretty tough and I can see that it could keep an edge for a long time.  Both knives come with a blade cover to help protect them when not in use.

As with Milwaukee’s other products, these knives are very cool.  Not only will they help their specific industry, but they should help them for the long haul.


  1. I am with you Eric, make a Camo version of just about anything and I am all over it. I have been using the Fastback knives for several months now. They are awesome! I have backups for my backups but I am still on the first one. When my Gerber gives up the ghost I will be sporting the Camo fast back.

  2. Love Knives for some reason I always have. I have way too many just sitting around is drawers but I keep buying them anyway. I do want one of these Milwaukee knives too. Black Friday is coming

  3. I really home HD starts carrying more of the Milwaukee knives, I’d like to get some of their nicer knives but I’d also like to see them in person. I have the Tanto blade with assisted opening and their folding utility knives and they’re both very nice.


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