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Black Friday and Cyber Monday is coming soon.  As you know this week is deal week with many retailers having special deals.  So as in previous years, we thought we would put a couple of list ideas together.  This week will pretty much consist of different ideas and different gift lists.  As I was looking around for different ideas, I discovered some stuff on Amazon that I never knew they had.  Amazon has a Warehouse section that is made of open box and used items.  Looking around, you can find some good stuff at deep discounted prices.  Here is the link for the Amazon Warehouse.

Amazon also has two section that I am always looking at before I buy from them.  They have Today’s Deals and Amazon Coupons.  I don’t always find relevant deals and coupons, but occasionally they do have some great coupons or great deals.  Also don’t forget 12 Days of Christmas (This doesn’t start until December). If you are just interested in Tool & Home Improvement Deals, you can check out their Tool & Home Improvement Deals.

If you aren’t looking for tools or home improvement items, scroll to the bottom and there other gift ideas.

Jackson Safety V30 Nemesis Polarized Safety Glasses (28635), Polarized Smoke Lens with Gunmetal Frame.


  • Price – $21.68
  • Rating – 286 Review – 4.5 Stars
  • LinkJackson Safety Glasses
  • Description – Polarized smoke lens with gunmetal frame.  Not only do you protect your eyes, but you look cool while getting protection.


Mirka Bulldog Gold 5-Inch 8-Hole Grip Vacuum Discs, 50-pack

Mirka Sanding Disks

  • Price – $19.49
  • Rating – 1,485 Review – 4.5 Stars
  • LinkMirka 5-inch 8-Hole Dustless Hook-and-Loop Sanding Disks
  • Description – You can pick from 80 to 320 grit disks.  You can even get an assortment of sanding disks.  I have been using these for a long time and for me, they are one of the best disks on the market.


Coast HP1 Focusing 220 Lumen LED Flashlight

Coast Light

  • Price – $9.90
  • Rating – 2,067 Review – 4.5 Stars
  • LinkCoast HP1 Focusing 220 Lumen LED Flashlight
  • Description – I have a Coast light and so far it has been great.  I keep it in the garage when I need a small little light with lots of light and the ability to focus the beam.  It has been dropped and kicked around and is still working.

SE 7503SD 3-Piece Power Extension Bit Set for Drills

  • Price – $4.99
  • Rating – 1,478 Review – 4.5 Stars
  • Link3-Piece Power Extension Bit Set for Drills
  • Description – I don’t have this set, but I do have these tools.  I can’t tell you how many times they have come in handy.

TEKTON 2938 Quick-Change Power Nut Driver Bit Set with Detents, 14-Piece

Swiss+Tech ST66676 Utili-Key 6-in-1 Key Ring Multi-Function Tool

  • Price – $9.10
  • Rating – 1,459 Review – 4.5 Stars
  • LinkSwiss+Tech Utili-Key 6-in-1 Key Ring Multi-Function Tool
  • Description – I don’t have this, but might pick it up.  I have been seeing this a lot lately and it’s nice to always have a quick and convenient multi tool.

Custom Leathercraft 1100 Multi-Purpose Clip-on Zippered Poly Bags

  • Price – $7.71
  • Rating – 589 Review – 4.5 Stars
  • LinkLeathercraft 1100 Multi-Purpose Clip-on Zippered Poly Bags
  • Description – It’s always nice to have storage, you can never have enough.  Not sure how well they hold up, but considering the feedback and they are poly bags, they might work out well.

Bosch T5002 10-Piece Assorted T-Shank Jig Saw Blade Set

  • Price – $10.29
  • Rating – 238 Review – 4.5 Stars
  • LinkBosch T5002 10-Piece Assorted T-Shank Jig Saw Blade Set
  • Description – When it comes to jigsaw blades, I think Bosch makes the best.  I have been using them for a long time and they always seem to hold up, even under heavy conditions.

Neiko® 10193A Titanium Step Drill Bit Set, 28 Sizes, SAE | 3-Piece Set

  • Price – $12.96
  • Rating – 354 Review – 4.5 Stars
  • LinkNeiko Titanium Step Drill Bit Set, 28 Sizes, SAE | 3-Piece Set
  • Description – I wasn’t sure about putting these in here because I have never used this brand.  Not sure how they hold up and how sharp they stay.  They had good feedback and for the price, it might be worth a try.

FixtureDisplays ALLWAY CT31 3-IN-1 CAULK TOOL17495 17495

  • Price – $6.23
  • Rating – 113 Review – 4 Stars
  • LinkFixtureDisplays ALLWAY CT31 3-IN-1 CAULK TOOL17495 17495
  • Description – Not sure why this doesn’t have a 5 star.  I love this tool.  I used it in my bathroom and kitchen and it made the jobs so much easier.  For me, this is a must have.

Eagle America 415-9307 Dovetail Marker

  • Price – $12.26
  • Rating – 86 Review – 4.5 Stars
  • LinkEagle America 415-9307 Dovetail Marker
  • Description – I have a jig for my Dovetails, but I saw this and thought it was a cool alternative to paying a lot. Especially if you don’t do a lot of Dovetails.

DEWALT DWST17808 TSTAK I Long Handle Toolbox Organizer

Gerber EAB Pocket Knife [22-41830]

  • Price – $8.99
  • Rating – 893 Review – 4.5 Stars
  • LinkGerber EAB Pocket Knife
  • Description – I have had this knife for a long time and it’s awesome.  It’s small and great to keep in your pocket.  You do need a tool to change the blade, but I like the size and weight.  If you need something a little more durable, check out the Dewalt below.

DEWALT DWHT10035L Folding Retractable Utility Knife

  • Price – $11.12
  • Rating – 268 Review – 4.5 Stars
  • LinkDEWALT DWHT10035L Folding Retractable Utility Knife
  • Description – If you need a knife that can take more abuse then the Gerber, the Dewalt is a tough knife.  Easy to use and easy to open.

Campbell Hausfeld MP5143 Pistol Grip Blowgun

  • Price – $5.62
  • Rating – 248 Review – 4 Stars
  • LinkCampbell Hausfeld Pistol Grip Blowgun
  • Description – I use this tool to blow off my work bench.  Not sure what it is about this, but I just like it.  There are better and more durable options, but I have had mine for 3 years and it still works great, even after dropping it and kicking it around.

Lifestraw Personal Water Filter

  • Price – $19.95
  • Rating – 11 Review – 4.5 Stars
  • LinkLifeStraw Personal Water Filter
  • Description – It doesn’t have a lot of feedback, but I have heard good things about these straws.  Hopefully I will never have to use it.

Syma S107/S107G 3 Channel RC Heli with Gyro – Yellow

iKKEGOL Bluetooth OBD2 OBDII Wireless CAN BUS Check Engine Auto Scanner

CMMG Tactical Cooked Bacon, 9-Ounce

  • Price – $22.06
  • Rating – 42 Review – 4.5 Stars
  • LinkCMMG Tactical Cooked Bacon, 9-Ounce
  • Description – Not sure if I would buy this for the price, but I have never seen this before.  This has a shelf life of 10 years, but not in my household.

Light My Fire Original Swedish FireSteel Scout 3,000 Strike Fire Starter

Nite Ize Flashflight L.E.D Light Up Flying Disc

Island Dogs Belt Buckle Flask, Silver

  • Price – $10.92
  • Rating – 18 Review – 4.5 Stars
  • LinkIsland Dogs Belt Buckle Flask, Silver
  • Description – I don’t know how many times I could have used this belt buckle.  The only thing I see wrong with it, is the size.  I would like to see it in a gallon size buckle.

Gummi Candy

  • Price – Various
  • Rating – Who cares, it’s Gummi Candy
  • LinkGummi Candy
  • Description – I could eat a whole bag in one sitting.  These things are awesome.


  1. I really enjoyed the list. Good to see some non tool items as well but all “guy stuff” NICE!
    I have the Tekton nut drivers they are fantastic. My only gripe is that they are not magnetic. I will be checking out the sandpaper. Thanks TIA!

  2. I agree that this was a good list with a lot of variety of brands and items (and not just a bunch of Dewalt and Milwaukee bit holders).

    Some comments:
    1) The 3-in-1 caulk tool is GREAT! However, this is probably the one and only time I would say that the metal scooping part at the bottom should be plastic. I scratched my bathtub a couple times using that exact tool. I have seen some in plastic, but never been able to try one. The plastic scraper on it works great too, but it will dull up extremely quickly. The could probably make it out of a bit harder plastic, but it would probably happen eventually anyway. Get a 3-pack of plastic scrapers at the dollar store to go with this wonderful tool.

    2) $12 is not bad for a bluetooth OBDII scanner but you should do your research before buying these. There are now about 50 companies selling these, but they all probably come from the same four factories in China. Figure out which one of these factories is making the best one. I can’t understand why it would work with Android but not Apple. It’s just bluetooth. Either way, if you can’t find one that uses your type of phone, the cheapest you can get one that doesn’t require a phone is about $50. However, $12 to $50 is a big jump. I have the Actron Pocketscan Junior (or something along those lines) and it does all I need it to: reads codes (and erases them). I saw one at Harbor Freight that I think was also $50 (but you can probably get 20% off.) I guarantee that is the exact same as the one I have with different colored plastic outside (same factory…like everything these days.)

    3) Don’t give just any gummi candies: give sour patch kids (specifically, the berry ones). Delicious, but eat them for 3 days straight, and I swear you’ll feel a cavity coming in.


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