Milwaukee M18 Compact Impact Wrench – 2652-22


Normally when you hear the term “Compact Tool”, I think of a small tool with low power.  However when it comes to the Milwaukee M18 Compact Impact Wrench model 2652-22, it’s not what it appears.  While this tool is compact, it definitely is not light on power.

Now a days things are designed to save space.  Everything is just jammed together making it impossible to work on.  Take an engine in today’s world.  Which engine is easier to work on, a 1966 Camaro or 2010 Camaro?  Right the 2010 Camaro, only because the first production didn’t occur until 1967.  Sorry just wanted to see if you were paying attention.  Anyways, I hope you get the point.  We always run into those jobs where we need more power, but we have less room to work with.  That is where the 2652-22 compact wrench comes into play.

Don’t let the overall length of 5-3/4″ fool you in thinking it has small power also.  Actually this has 2,200 in-lbs of torque which is equivalent to 184 ft-lbs of torque.  Just enough power to do almost any automotive job, engine repair, technical motor repairs and more.   Enough power to please almost any mechanic or contractor.

Milwaukee built this system around a 4 pole frameless motor.  This configure really contributes to the amount of torque this tool can produce.  In fact the motor turns the 1/2″ anvil at 0-2,200 rpms and delivers a whooping 0-3,200 ipm.  Not too shabby for a compact weighing only 4.1 lbs.

This model is designed with a detent pin.  As a note Milwaukee does make this version with a friction ring or sometimes called a hog ring.  The detent pin is nice because you know once you put on the socket, it will stay in place.  Nothing more frustrating than being in a tight spot taking your wrench out, only to find the socket was left behind and you have to go fishing for it.

We have played around with its brother, the full size high torque wrench.  So we were pretty excited to see what this could do.  The first thing I wanted to do was remove some lugnuts.  Not because we needed to, but because we could.  The lug nuts were no problem.  We are also remodeling a house and in the basement, there were fasteners holding downs wall plates in the basement.  I don’t know the exact torque these things were, but when loosing them by hand it was extremely hard to break them free.  These bolts have been in place since the 60’s and I can’t say they were in the best of condition.  After about 4-5 seconds, the bolts would break free.

We are very impressed with the M18 Compact Impact Wrench.  This tool has lots of power in a compact model.  The only thing we would like to see Milwaukee one day implement into this tool is a torque gauge.  Something to either show the user the torque or something where the user can set a torque setting and the tool stops at that setting.


Below we have a couple pictures comparing the compact to the high impact, both M18.






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