Ryobi Impact Wrench Review

Ryobi Impact Wrench Review

Are you a weekend warrior who likes to work on their car but it’s not at their forefront of the to-do list?  If so, this Ryobi impact wrench might be a great solution for you.  I have a family and so many things going on every week.  While I love working on things around the house such as my truck, I would rather do other things, like spend time with my family.  However there are those tasks I want to tackle.  I just don’t want to spend a fortune on an impact wrench when a majority of its life it will be sitting on the shelf.  So let’s jump into the Ryobi Impact Wrench Review.

Ryobi Impact Wrench – Information

Ryobi Impact Wrench – Features

Ryobi Impact Wrench Review

The Ryobi puts out 150 ft.lbs of torque which is powerful for an impact wrench under $100. The wrench produces 3,400 impacts per minute with 3-speed settings which means this can be used on a variety of applications.

Ryobi Impact Wrench Review

The unit is powered by the Ryobi 18V battery which also is used for a wide variety of other Ryobi products.

Ryobi Impact Wrench Review

The impact wrench uses a 3/8″ anvil that is a hog ring.

Ryobi Impact Wrench Review

One awesome feature is the three bright LED lights that help eliminate shadows and shine up your work.

Ryobi Impact Wrench Review

The handle has a typical Ryobi tool grip that has a very nice rubber over-mold.

Ryobi Impact Wrench Review

On the back of the unit, you have three-speed settings that will adjust the ipm speed.

  • Speed 1 – 0-1,700/min
  • Speed 2 – 0-2,500/min
  • Speed 3 – 0-3,200/min

Ryobi Impact Wrench Review

On the base of the unit, there is a magnet to hold smaller nuts or bolts.

Ryobi Impact Wrench – Impressions

Ryobi Impact Wrench Review

For an impact that is priced under $100, I think it’s powerful and built well.  While you won’t be removing semi-truck lug nuts, it’s a perfect option for the homeowner who needs a wrench but doesn’t need the power of removing semi-truck tires.

Overall it’s powerful and I like the speed selection on the back of the tool, which makes it easy to change on the fly with your thumb.

Ryobi Impact Wrench – Final Thoughts

While the impact wrench is on the heavy side, I am okay with that since I am not using it all the time.  For me, the price and quality are what I want in my wrench.  The Ryobi is an easy decision for me as I need power, but not the price tag of a professional wrench.  I love how many tools are in the Ryobi line up so even if the wrench sits around a lot for me, I can use the battery in so many other Ryobi tools and products.

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  1. I bought this wrench primarily for construction and deck screws. With 3/8″ torx and phillips bit sockets, which are plentily available, you can’t beat it. For what I use it for I’d rather have a spring pin detent like the 1/2″ has but oh well. It works great, with the weight being an advantage when driving screws.

    I have the 1/2″ for automotive and heavier/auxiliary construction duties.

  2. For me, 1/2 impacts are for things I am unable to remove with a hand tool. By that measure this tool fails. Sure it is not expensive but it just needs more torque.


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