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SawGear – Overview

SawGear is the simplest in TigerStop’s product line. It is a very simple and intuitive automated stop for your miter saw. The SawGear is an exceedingly portable system that can be quickly set up on a mobile job site or permanently positioned in a brick and motor workshop. The SawGear’s Powerhead attaches to the measuring bar with integral locking handles. With a precision shaft matching up with the mechanism in the measuring bar, the flip-away bar/stop bar will be positioned once the user enters the dimensions into the Powerhead control panel. After getting the unit in place, the user quickly makes a cut, measures the cut-off, enters that into the calibrating function, and the SawGear is ready to rock and roll!

SawGear – Features

Don’t let the simple nature of the SawGear fool you. Yes, it is simple and intuitive to use but has some exciting features.

Accuracy – The SawGear’s number one feature is accuracy. With a simple push of a couple of buttons, the Powerhead will move the stop into position within +/- .008”. With that type of accuracy, training becomes easier, parts are spot on, and wasted material is a thing of the past.

Flexibility – The SawGear is a powerful tool that can easily go on your job sites with you. Using the optional SawGear legs, the unit can be attached to your mobile miter saw stand and set up right there with you on the job site. If you are someone like myself that runs a cabinet shop in a stationary workshop, I mounted it right to my miter saw station work-surface.

Crown + MiterPro Software – SawGear has Crown+MiterProTM software that calculates part angles and lengths so the user doesn’t have to do complicated math. This makes it easy for anyone to install crown molding with minimal training because the process is so much easier.

Easy Miters – With a little calibrating to your miter saw’s miter geometry, your SawGear will easily speed up and increase the accuracy of your mitered cuts with the Miter buttons.

Inches or Metric – Whether your shop or job site runs on the imperial system or metric system, the SawGear has you covered.

Increment button – Is your part a little long? Want to shave a hair off of it? Use the integrated increment button to precisely take a sliver off your workpiece. The increment button can be programmed to move a specific amount to match your construction preferences.

Built for the demanding user – The SawGear can be configured for a max length of 16 feet (4.8 meters), comes with a 1-year bumper to bumper warranty, and attaches to almost any miter saw, and comes with an integrated anti-theft mechanism.

Five Languages – The SawGear supports English, Spanish, French, Dutch, and German

SawGear – Performance

When I decided to bring in the SawGear into my professional cabinet shop, I wanted to remodel my miter saw station wall. We built brand new lower cabinets, support wings, and a custom lumber rack that makes the space worthy of the SawGear. Being a CNC and technology nerd, I knew the SawGear was going to have a big impact on the shop and how we handled certain operations, specifically face-frames, shaker drawer fronts, and doors but I was underestimating the impact in other areas. I would like to break this down and focus on a couple of different areas.

Part Accuracy – With CNC experience and having systems in the shop that the performance is controlled by a computer, I understood the accuracy that would be involved with the SawGear. What I underestimated was how easy and intuitive it was going to be. It is as easy as pressing a couple of buttons and you are in business. By far faster than other high-tech tools that I have in the shop.

Time Savings – This is one thing that I absolutely underestimated. I wanted the SawGear in my shop for part accuracy and ease of training but the time savings of cutting parts is by far the biggest value for me in the shop. Not having to manually measure with a tape measure or move my Kreg Tools stop system and just entering in the dimension that I want and hitting start is unquestionably faster.

Training – I am getting to the point in my woodworking shop that I need to bring on additional help. When summer was here, I was able to get my nephews for a few days a week. Training a 14 and 15 year old on the miter saw station was thought to be a daunting task but with the SawGear, it was a breeze. Why? Because I didn’t have to worry about part accuracy. Only safety. I wanted my nephews comfortable with the saw and process and to go home at the end of the day with all their fingers. The SawGear allowed me to focus on safety and breeze over the SawGear operation and that made me very confident in the process we established in the shop.

SawGear – Value

Boy oh Boy, where do I start? Is this tool valued at the MSRP? Absolutely, no questions asked. Is it right for you? That is hard for me to shed any light on as I don’t know the variables within your business or operation or your financial situation. What I do know is in the short amount of time the SawGear has been in the shop, it has sped up production, increased accuracy, reduced stress, and increased the safety of our miter saw operations. My only regret with my current setup is the 8’ length limit. That was due to having space limitations in my current shop. In my next shop, I would love to increase that to 12’.

SawGear – Final Thoughts 

My final thoughts on the SawGear are very simple and to the point. We make a lot of cuts on our miter saw in our woodworking shop. We build everything from cabinets and tables to bookcases but no matter the project category, the miter saw station will get used. Prior to having a manual stop system on our saw, we would measure with the tape measure, mark, and cut it. Then we moved to a manual stop system and that was a big improvement in speed and accuracy. At the time, I didn’t think we could improve the process. I was flat out wrong. The SawGear instantly increased production, reduced my labor costs, reduced my material costs, decreased my training stress, and increased the safety of our miter saw operation.

I would absolutely buy it again.

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sawgear-by-tigerstopIf you make cabinets or run a shop that intends to make money, you need to check out the SawGear by TigerStop. It is an automated electronic stop for your miter saw station, bandsaw, or any other equipment that needs a precise stop. The user simply enters their dimension in either fractions or decimals and hits enter. The fence automatically moves within .008" of the entered dimension that was entered and is constantly trying to maintain that dimension even if the material is being pressed against the stop. The SawGear has allowed my shop to focus on safety and decrease the amount of training for new employees all while increasing quality and consistancy.


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