Ridgid Jig Saw Review

Ridgid Jig Saw Review

The jig saw dates back to 1946, just after WWII.  Over the years, there have been many improvements such as speed selection, bevel cutting and easy blade change.  In fact, just about every power tool manufacturer now manufactures a jig saw, that’s how popular they are.  So today we are going to cover a jig saw from Ridgid, so let’s dive into the Ridgid jig saw review.

Ridgid Jig Saw Review – Overview

A jig saw may not be one of those tools you use every day, but when you need to make a variety of different cuts, it’s probably the one tool that will make your life easier.  A jig saw is designed to cut circles, curves and more with ease.

As we talked, the jig saw has gone through a wide variety of improvements over the years.  With the introduction of Lithium-Ion batteries, you can now have a cordless jig saw that will actually work as a corded jig saw.  You get the freedom of movement without having to worry about a cord getting caught up on the work.

Ridgid Jig Saw Review – Features

Ridgid Jig Saw Review

The Ridgid R8832B is part of the Ridgid Octane line which means it is built with a high-performance brushless motor.  This means faster cutting, long run times and longer tool life.

You can use any Ah battery on this saw but it works best with an Octane battery of 6Ah or higher.  This will give you a long run time when using this high demand saw.

Ridgid Jig Saw Review

The saw features an LED light to help light up your cut line.

Ridgid Jig Saw Review

The handle is the typical handle that Ridgid offers with their other power tools.  The over-mold rubber grip is comfortable and even features an easy lock on push button.

The tool features a thumb dial where you can control the speed with your thumb.  You can increase or decrease the speed of cut on the fly.  There is also a line start mode which starts out slow for cutting your line, then the speed will increase.  This helps the user keep a clean cut from start to finish.

On the front of the tool, you can push the lever to insert or take out the t-shank blade.

Ridgid Jig Saw Review

The saw has 4 orbital settings for better woodcutting control.

Ridgid Jig Saw Review

On the bottom of the jig saw, there is a removable no-marring shoe.  Perfect for the times you want to protect the surface.

Ridgid Jig Saw Review

Right above the shoe, you can change the bevel cut up to 45° left or right.

Ridgid Jig Saw Review – Performance

I am a huge fan of Bosch and they are considered one of the best jig saws on the market for the contractor.  When I take a look at this side by side against the Bosch corded version, I have to say, the Ridgid holds it’s own.  It’s powerful, easy to work with and easy to control.  I love how I can easily see the line when I am cutting and debris doesn’t jam up in front of the tool to block the line.  The blade is easy to change and I love the thumb dial to select speeds on the go.

Now I am not the only one who loves this saw.  Take a look at The Home Depot website and you can see how many people love this saw.  It has a 4.7 out of 5-star review which is extremely high.

Ridgid Jig Saw Review – Value

You can pick up the RIDGID 18-Volt OCTANE Cordless Brushless Jig Saw for $129 for the bare tool. If you already have a battery and are part of the Ridgid line, it’s a great deal. If you have to invest in a battery and charger, expect to pay an additional $180 for a starter kit that has 2 batteries and a charger.

So is this a value?  Yes, the bare tool is a no brainer.  You get a powerful, professional jig saw for $129.  Now I am sure some might think that an additional $180 might be a little hefty, which I would agree, but here is why I think it’s still a great value.  Lifetime warranty.  This is the last jig saw you will have to buy as Ridgid comes with a lifetime warranty.  So who can agree with that price when you know this is a one time purchase?

Ridgid Jig Saw Review – Final Thoughts

Overall, I love this jig saw.  I love the ergonomics of this saw, the power and how I can easily follow a line.  The saw is built solid and I really can’t find anything to complain about.  If you are not familiar with Ridgid, this is a brand I would highly suggest taking a look at. They are built to last but with a reasonable price tag.

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