Bosch Worksite Table Saw Review – Is there any other?

Bosch Table Saw

Okay I am going to start sounding like a broken record, but this is another perfect tool from Bosch. Table saws play an important role in not only getting the job done, but getting the job done the right way. One problem, they are heavy and a pain to move from place to place. So with that said let’s start with the Gravity Stand that comes with the 4100-09.

When I was taking this out of the box, the first thing I noticed was how solid the construction was. The whole frame is very sturdy and durable. Putting the saw together is very easy. I did read online where one guy spent 4 hours putting the stand together and setting the saw up. Not sure how much beer he was drinking or why it took so long, but it should take about 20 minutes. If you have to make any other adjustments, you can add on another 20 minutes. Bosch makes this saw very easy to tweak. I believe there is only about 10 bolts to put in place. One thing I did find helpful, was to have the box next to me. I am the type of guys who likes pictures better than words. Makes sense because I was the kid in high school reading the pop up books. The stand itself is incredibly handy and easy to use. It doesn’t take any muscles to open and close the stand, hence the name gravity stand. I am 6′ tall, so when the stand is open, it’s the perfect height. Running wood through the saw, even larger size sheets, the stand is steady and stays in place without wobbling. On the bottom the feet are very easy to adjust in case you are on uneven ground. When the stand is closed, again very easy to wheel around. Even moving it up and down the stairs, the wheels stay in contact and work well. Moving it in and out of the truck is a little trickier because of the width of the saw and stand, plus the unit weighs 99 lbs.

The saw weighs 60 lbs without the stand. This is a quality saw that was well thought out. In fact who ever designed this saw should get a raise. Some tools you know the designer didn’t care. They just put a product together so they can get it in the market place asap. Who ever designed this tool took their time, probably listened to the contractor and then put a nice plan in place to design a great worksite saw. I could go on and on why this saw beats the Ridgid and Dewalt, but I won’t. It’s just one of those saws you have try and then you realize why this saw rocks. Yes I am only comparing it to the Ridgid and Dewalt because those are the other two major brands I see most on the job site.

Reading the measurements is very easy, even for someone with bad eye sight. There is a small magnifying glass over the numbers to help make them easier to read. The fence, once in place, stays in place. In the back you can always make adjustments so it is tighter or more loose. The V channel in the back is a nice option because it runs true and stays in place.

Okay let’s get into the important item, safety. I hate to admit it, but I am the guy who doesn’t usually use the guards and anitkick back features on table saws. Primarily because they take too long to set up or are a pain to set up. Yes I know I am going to be the guy walking around without any fingers and a board stuck in my stomach because I was lazy. With the Bosch I have no excuses anymore. This is the easiest set up of any safety feature I have ever used. There are no tools required. Bosch designed the safety feature with thought. It really takes less than a minute to set up all the safety on this tool. Even the plate just pulls right up. When done with the saw, every has a place to be stored, so no more leaving stuff behind. There are no reasons anymore to bypass any safety features with this saw because Bosch made it too easy.

Overall this saw runs smooth. Right out of the box, everything was configured correctly, we didn’t have to mess with anything. Considering the saw is mobile, it’s only a matter of time before you bump or hit the saw with something. If anything ever gets out of line, it’s really easy to fix. Twist a screw here or there and you’re all set up again. The 15 amp motor spins the 10″ blade at 3,650 rpms. So you can run some serious wood through this saw. The motor is a 4hp motor.

Changing the blade is another easy task with this saw. Normally you have to get two wrenches on the arbor and mess around in a tight space. Bosch put a lever to lock the blade. Just pull up, now you can grab your on-board wrench and loosen the nut, it’s that easy. As with most saws today, all the waste drops below the motor into a chute and gets expelled from the back.

If you are looking for a table saw that is durable, accurate and portable, this saw is the only option. The saw is easy to move around, everything has a storage place and it’s tough. I know I am a broken record, but Bosch doesn’t mess around. They think about the product, they get customer feedback and they create great products. This saw is no exception.

Specification of the Bosch Worksite Table Saw 4100-09

Amperage 15
Arbor Size 5/8″
Bevel Angle Range -2° to 47°
Blade Diameter 10″
Description 10″ Worksite Table Saw with Gravity-Rise™ Wheeled Stand
Dimensions 39.13 x 30 x 20.9
Max. Motor HP 4.0
No Load RPM 3,650
Weight (lbs.) Saw – 60 lbs. (with Stand 99 lbs.)
Working Length Table Top dimensions 29″






  1. Hi Guys, Great vid as usual. I have been researching the DeWalt and the Bosch. The GTS 10 Xc had my fancy for a while. Then I seen on a forum that somebody had a few things on his that were not so good. The one most important to me was that the red plate around the saw blade did NOT sit level with the table surface. Today I actually found a shop that had a Bosch XC in store and when I checked it I found the It was up at one end, up higher in the middle and below the surface at the other end. It appeared to be secured into position and assume that it was fitted as best it could (enlighten me if you wish). But for the things I want to use it for (furniture making)….no good.The other problem mentioned was an electrical issue that burnt the motor out. and Bosch were very slow to, sort of resolve the problem (they sent him a bunch of parts to rebuild the motor (what the???). And of course a big plus is the stand that comes with the Dewalt….nice (included in the price). Bosch want an extra $450.00 her in OZ. thanks for all your videos and keep em coming…


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