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Bosch Freak Impact

On the scale of DIY-to-professional, Bosch lands squarely on the professional side of tool manufacturing.  What this means for you: Bosch tools such as the Bosch Freak Impact Driver are generally more rugged, more durable, and more powerful than similar competitors’ tools.

Bosch Freak Impact Overview

With that in mind, we zoom in on the Bosch Freak Impact Driver. Specifically, we look at the GDX18V-1800B12, 18V Brushless 0.25-inch and 0.5-inch 2-in-1 bit/socket impact driver.  Right away, I have to admit that this is a cool concept where you can use sockets or bits to drill, drive, loosen or tighten even the most stubborn nuts and bolts. You might miss some of the usual torque provided by professional impact drivers, but you’ll love the efficiency provided by this hybrid tool that is both an impact and drill driver.

Bosch Freak Impact Features

The Bosch Freak Impact Driver is 5.8 (head length) x 3 x 8.2 inches and 4.00 lbs. It is powered by an 18V EC brushless motor which is in turn powered by an 18V Li-ion “Slim Pack” 2 Ah battery.  The motor acts on a “hammer and anvil” design that generates maximum torque upon application, and up to 0-4,200 impacts per minute. As mentioned earlier, this is a departure from the typical powering mechanism for drills that can’t match the torque that the Bosch Freak Impact delivers.

The purchase gets you a Bosch 18V Li-Ion 2 Ah battery and compatible charger.Bosch Freak Impact

This tool combines an ergonomic handle with a variable-speed trigger. According to Bosch, “The variable-speed trigger provides accurate driving speed. The two-in-one bit/socket drive increases both convenience and power. Bits can stay conveniently inserted when using deep sockets, and more torque is transferred directly thru the 1/2 In. square drive anvil. There is no more torque loss through socket adapters or broken socket adapters. The driver has an LED light to illuminate the work area.”

Bosch Freak Impact

High torque and adjustable speed focused on a small head will do wonders for working in tight spots.

This tool gives versatility.  The Bosch Freak Impact accepts bits and sockets, as previously mentioned, providing two major tool functions.

Bosch Freak Impact

Lastly, the Bosch Freak Impact purchase comes with a convenient bag for the tool and related accessories.

Bosch Freak Impact Value

At the time of this writing, this tool kit is priced at around $99 on Amazon. A little higher than a standard impact or drill driver by themselves, but this is a 2-in-1 tool, so that’s a pretty fair price. Also note that this purchase lands you a kit, not just a bare tool, which includes the battery, charger, bits, bit holder, and canvas bag. So again, for a Bosch quality tool, this is a good value. You may also purchase a pretty standard 3 or 4-year “protection plan” that covers parts and labor.

Bosch Freak Impact Thoughts

I have almost always found Bosch products to be strong and dependable.  In this instance, there is the added benefit of having one tool instead of two – handling bits and sockets with the same piece of high-torque equipment is something I certainly appreciate.

Bosch Freak Impact Wrap Up

This tool certainly performs well as far as I can determine. I’d like to leave this review with my favorite features of the Bosch Freak Impact Driver:

  • A responsive trigger that allows adjustable-speed functionality
  • Up to 1,800 in-lbs applied torque and 0-4,200 impacts per minute
  • LED-lit small head that allows you to access tight spots and inconvenient connections
  • And let’s not forget, it’s a 2-in-1 tool


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