Southwire HANG-A-LIGHT – Prefab Temporary Overhead Light

Southwire HANG-A-LIGHT

When it comes to electrical and lighting solutions, Southwire has it down.  They offer a wide range of temporary lighting solutions for any job site and any situation.  Southwire just released a new solution for the job site, the Southwire HANG-A-LIGHT which is a prefab temporary overhead light.

Southwire HANG-A-LIGHT – Information

  • Name – Southwire HANG-A-LIGHT Prefab Temporary Overhead Light
  • Model – T90100
  • Price – $243.27
  • Where to BuyAmazon
  • Southwire ReviewsSouthwire Reviews
  • Link to SouthwireLighting Solution

Southwire HANG-A-LIGHT – Features

When it comes to temporary lighting, this light offers a lot of features and benefits:

  • Custom Wiring Terminal – Cord Free
  • 1/2″ threaded hub for Southwire Fittings
  • Includes Steel 2 x Strain relief connectors
  • Retractable hanging clip for low profile
  • 5000K CCT
  • 13,700 Lumens
  • 120V – 277vac 50/60 HZ
  • 100 Watts
  • Custom Wiring Terminal Block

Southwire HANG-A-LIGHT – First Impressions

Back in 1991 when I was working on a new 50-story construction building in Chicago, lighting was always an issue.  At the time we only had incandescent bulbs that would break.  The light was never great but we made it work.  As the building went up, you could never really reuse the lights as they would break, the cord would be compromised and we just had to toss them out.

There is a lot to like about these Southwire lights.  First is the brightness, 13,700 is extremely bright, plus they offer a clean white light and not yellowish.  Second, the LED lights are nice because they don’t create extra heat, and they last a long time.  No worries about bumping the light and it breaking. Third, these are quality lights and the cage offers plenty of protection.  Fourth, you can reuse these.  So it might be expensive upfront but over the long run, it’s well worth the cost.

I realize these are not for everyone and every job site, so if these are not for you, check out some of their other temporary lighting solutions.  But if you want to have a well-lit job site and help prevent accidents and increase safety, these are a great investment.  High quality, powerful and reusable.

Southwire HANG-A-LIGHT – Wrap Up

Bottomline, Southwire is the name to trust in lighting and electrical products.  They have a long history and are a solid family-owned USA company.  Southwire doesn’t cut corners. Consumers always get high-quality products for a great value.  When it comes to temporary lighting, check out Southwire as they have these lights along with plenty of other solutions for the job site.


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