Ridgid Octane Impact Wrench

Ridgid Octane Impact Wrench

When it comes to professional power tools, I feel that Ridgid is one of those sleeping giants.  Ridgid is powerful and made for the professional but usually for a lower price tag than it’s competitors.  One of the biggest features to Ridgid, is their lifetime warranty that no other power tool manufacturer offers.  So let’s take a look at the Ridgid Octane Impact Wrench.

Ridgid Octane Impact Wrench – Information

Ridgid Octane Impact WrenchFeatures

Ridgid Octane Impact Wrench

The Ridgid impact is part of the brushless Octane line of Ridgid power tools.  The wrench utilizes a 1/2″ hog ring to hold the sockets in place.  The motor delivers 485 ft./lbs. of torque in forward and 620 ft./lbs. of torque in reverse.

The wrench is powered by an 18V Ridgid battery.

Ridgid Octane Impact Wrench

On top of the wrench, there are four modes.  Three for speed and ipm and one is auto mode.  Auto mode will stop the wrench when it detects an impact and will protect your nuts or other working areas.

Ridgid Octane Impact Wrench

The wrench uses a tri beam LED bright to help illuminate your working area and eliminate shadows.

Ridgid Octane Impact Wrench

The handle has a comfortable rubber over-mold.

Ridgid Octane Impact Wrench

As with other wrenches, it has a pull-style trigger that is easy to feather to your desired speed.  There is a sperate switch on the bottom of the handle in case you just want the lights on, which is a cool feature.

Ridgid Octane Impact WrenchImpressions

Ridgid Octane Impact Wrench

We have been using the Octane around the shop for the Jeep and Roxar.  The wrench is powerful, easy to work with and we love the Auto mode to protect nuts.

The three LED lights come in handy when working under the hood or under the body of the vehicle.  All in all, this is a powerful impact wrench for the professional.

Ridgid Octane Impact Wrench – Final Thoughts

When it comes to getting a great tool for the professional at a reasonable price, I think Ridgid is the leader.  They make powerful tools that are built to last and they even back it up with their lifetime warranty.  I like the power and while the wrench is a little heavy, I love the build quality.

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