Ryobi Spotlight

Ryobi Spotlight

I am going to blow your mind when I say this but having light is key to being able to see.  In all seriousness, it’s great to have good trustworthy light when you need one.  Which brings me to the Ryobi spotlight.  Ryobi is one of those brands that builds power tools with professional features but priced for the homeowner.  A spotlight is one of those lights that has such a wide use because of the power they can offer.

Ryobi Spotlight – Information

Ryobi Spotlight – Features

While the light is extremely bright, one of the best features is the hybrid feature.  You can power this light using a Ryobi 18V battery or the included 12V automotive power cord.

Ryobi Spotlight

The spotlight uses 7 LED lights that put out 700 yard beams and over 2,500 lumens. You will get about a 5-hour runtime with a 4Ah battery.

Ryobi Spotlight

There is a trigger switch like what you would find on a drill or other Ryobi power tools.  Depress it once and the light will be set to high.  Depress it again and the light will enter the low light mode.  A third pull of the trigger will turn the light off.

Ryobi Spotlight – Impressions

Ryobi Spotlight

I tried to take pictures at night of the beam but the camera will not focus or show the true light.  So I didn’t measure the distance of the beam because I don’t have a tape measure that goes 700 yards but I will take their word.  I can tell you that this beam goes incredibly far and can see that it would easily go 700 yards.

I love that there is a low and high mode depending upon the application of use.  But best of all is the hybrid solution.  Perfect for those delivery people who need spotlights and want unlimited power.

Ryobi Spotlight – Final Thoughts

Bottom line, I am a huge fan of Ryobi because they have so many tools to grow your tool arsenal.  They have cordless products that aren’t even tools but are great for the homeowner.  I love how reasonably priced they are and the quality they offer for the homeowner.  The spotlight isn’t any different.  I love the hybrid option with the brightness of the professional models but priced within reason.

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