M12 M18 Heated Jackets – O my how they have changed


Milwaukee’s clothing line, as Hal from extremehowtomag.com likes to call it, has entered version 2.0.  A lot of changes and new features are available, in a nutshell here is what we know.  The battery holder now has a fuel gauge , which allows you to make sure your pack is full before you head off to Siberia.  A standard usb port has been added to charge your mobile devices like the Power Port which was released a few years ago.  The device fits nicely in a large breast pocket.

They even stepped it up a notch and made one for the M18 battery, now you can call it the M18 heated jacket.  You get 10 hours of heat and a lot of phone charging on the 18V,  I wish I had one of these Battery holders to charge my phone on the day of the event, it would have been a lifesaver.  They also have a 12V DC power adapter, perfect for snow mobilers and ATVs.  Now you can power the jacket from any 12V DC power source for unlimited runtime.  In fact this is a great option for our Kawasaki Mule 610 XC project, in the winter especially when we plow.

There are 4 colors to choose from red, black, camouflage and high visibility.  The red, black and camo are almost identical except for color and the camo version has the status light inside the collar and a hunting license holder on the back.  New for this version are pocket hand warmers that are controlled separately and also have a separate status light.  The jackets get a new fleece lining which make them a lot warmer.  New heating zones have been added and you still have the 3 heat levels.

The High Visibly jacket has a 3m reflective material on the outside,  but does not have the pocket warmers like the other jackets and also the button/light is located on the inside of the jacket.  When I asked product manager about this, he said it is because the light will cause a distraction on the job site.  Personally I would have put it on the outside.  The back of the jacket can be embroidered for company logos and it has a hood.  The new jackets are great, you can pre order them now and they ship in the fall.  If you do not pre order chances are when fall arrives they will be all sold out!




  1. Well looks like its time to try an resell my old jacket before people find out how cool the new ones are. I don’t think even if they were compatable the m18 battery would fit in the old style jackets.

  2. All I know its seems like dewalt needs to “borrow” some talent from milwaukee the m12 line is just so massive. I wonder if that merger caused some problems. I did get an email survey about a new job site radio from dewalt so that’s a good sign on that front.

    • Yea, Milwaukee really has a great team. Paul Fry the Cordless Product manager and his team are dedicated to building up the M12 line. Wait till 2013 the M12 line will blow your mind when you see what they have planned! I really do not know much about the people at DeWALT corporate, we have never attended a DeWALT media event.

  3. Wow! Didn’t even know these type of jackets existed. Looks like something you’d see in one of those Skymall magazines on airplanes with products you’d never seen before. I can only imagine putting one of these jackets on in Texas during the summer. I think I’d die within 60 seconds. I guess I’ll have to go somewhere cold on vacation so that I can try one of these out.


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