EGO Commercial Series

EGO Commercial Series

EGO is a brand we know and love for their Homeowner lineup of outdoor power equipment. Some of their standout products have been their Multi-Tool System, their String Trimmer options and their Mowers. The product that gets the most buzz though, has to be their blowers. There are several in their lineup, all with amazing features and more importantly, Power Beyond Belief. We got an inside look at their new lineup though, one that is directed towards the professional. Let’s recap the new EGO Commercial Series as seen at the 2018 GIE EXPO.

EGO Commercial Series Overview

EGO Commercial Series

EGO announced their new commercial line at the 2018 GIE EXPO in Louisville, Kentucky in October. We were lucky enough to get the inside scoop from EGO about all the new products. These tools have been available in the UK for some time, and have received an incredible reception. While it still runs on the 56V platform we know and love EGO for, the lineup will include a backpack battery, with three attachments in its initial launch. Let’s take a look at these and lineup some specs to see how it matches up to the commercial OPE industry leaders.

EGO Commercial Series Details

EGO Commercial Series

The first component will be the backpack battery. A few key points are weight, clocking in at 19.8 pounds and features a detachable harness. The battery itself is 28 Ah, compared to the homeowner lineups current max 7.5 Ah, this is a big jump. Connections to the tool of choice are done using a port plugin, with the IP56 rating providing superior protection from water and the elements.

EGO Commercial SeriesTotal charge time for the new battery varies by setting. The standard setting recharges the battery in 7 hours. The rapid charge setting will fully charge the large battery in only 3.5 hours.

EGO Commercial Series

The first tool compatible with this system is the String Trimmer. Featuring a 15-inch cut width and a brushless motor, this string trimmer is powerful. A no-load speed of 6000 RPM’s and a variable speed trigger allow this tool to really perform. The carbon fiber shaft and aluminum gearbox housing provide protection and durability to the tool. This trimmer is compatible with trimmer line of .095″ to .105″ and features IPx4 weatherproofing. The estimated run time on this tool with the backpack is 5.5 hours and it weighs in at 14.3 pounds.

EGO Commercial Series

The Handheld Blower also features a brushless motor and is IPx4 Weatherproofing. There are two included nozzles; cone and narrow. This blower allows for easy switch between four speed settings while the constant hold on the gear switch provides max power. At its max, this blower provides 132 MPH speed velocity with 600CFM of air volume. With about 20 newtons of power, this blower is powerful. This blower is only 5.9 pounds and offers up to nearly 6 hours of run time on a single charge.

EGO Commercial Series

The Hedge Trimmer clocks in at 8.6 lbs with the same IPx4 rating. The cut capacity is 1-1/4 inch using laser cut and diamond ground blades that measure in at 25.5 inches. This model also has double-sided and dual action cutting for the best cut quality possible that can power through even the toughest trimming jobs. The brushless motor allows for a no-load speed of 3600 spm. The hedge trimmer provides nearly 7 hours of run time.

EGO Commercial Series First Impression

Check out our video coverage of the EGO commercial lineup here.

We are eager to get our hands on this entire line up to test out more thoroughly, but our first impression was incredibly positive. We have used EGO for a long time on Tools In Action with very positive results. Their performance never lacks and we’ve been thrilled to convert so many traditional gas users to the power of EGO.

One of the things I am most excited about is the expanding tool lineup. The backpack battery will be backward compatible with the existing EGO tools. Using an adapter that will take the traditional batteries place, and will connect using the same cord to the backpack battery. Since buying property, I get pretty excited about anything outdoors, combining EGO’s legendary power with it, and I am sold.

EGO Commercial Series Final Thoughts

This lineup from EGO was incredible, with quality and durability at the forefront. Serviceable gearboxes and premium materials provide the best possible solution for those looking to convert to battery powered OPE. It is almost impossible to cover all the benefits of battery-powered OPE, but a few that stand out are the convenience, cost, reduced noise, and a better solution environmentally. Professional Landscape Crews will have an amazing opportunity to invest in a battery platform, without sacrificing power and performance.

EGO uses the phrase “Power Beyond Belief” and that exact mentality seems to translate to this new Commercial Series from EGO. I joked when I felt the new blower that I was “blown away” but to be honest, I really am, blown away.

For more information check out the Commercial Series from EGO on EGO’s Commercial Series website. Look for the new EGO products for sale at The Home Depot in early 2019.



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