EGO String Trimmer Review

Ego String Trimmer Review

As you know I am a huge fan of EGO OPE (Outdoor Power Equipment) tools.  I was once that guy who never would have given up gas tools until I tried EGO.  Now I am sold on battery-powered OPE products.  I am not saying battery powered is as strong as gas, but it does the job and has plenty of power for your average homeowner.  I have a typical house in a typical town where the houses are closer together.  There is still plenty of room for my kids to play soccer and other outdoor actives so my yard isn’t extremely small, but it’s not an acre.  So for the people like me or with a little larger lots, I think battery power is the way to go.  So let’s jump into the EGO String Trimmer Review.

EGO String Trimmer Review Overview

Here is the perfect example why I love cordless OPE tools.  I live in the Chicago area and spring is finally here.  Normally when I fire up my lawn mower, trimmer or hedger, I am messing around.  I have to get new gas for the year, fill everything up and then pull the starter cord until my arm falls off.  If you have gas products, you know what I mean, it’s a pain.  All you want to do is cut your grass and then get on with your day, but you can’t because you’re messing around with everything else expect cutting grass.

This year, I grabbed my EGO battery, which was charged because I use the snow blower.  I put the battery on the mower and just started cutting.  How can you argue with this type of productivity?

OK, I know you’re here for the EGO String Trimmer review but I wanted to at least touch base on battery OPE because I know there are still a ton of people who aren’t sold on this technology and ability to go all cordless and still be able to complete the job.  I am not here to sell you on this technology, just to let you know my experience.  Again I am not comparing this to a gas string trimmer.

EGO has had a string trimmer out for a while.  The new ST1521S has a couple cool options on it so let’s see if it’s worth buying or even upgrading.

EGO String Trimmer Review Features

Ego String Trimmer Review

EGO designed the ST1521S with the battery on the back of the trimmer.  You can buy this as a bare tool or with a 2.5 Ah battery.  Since I have the EGO Mower and Snowblower, I also have a 7.5 Ah battery and a 5 Ah battery.  I found the trimmer has a good balance with the 2.5 Ah battery and has plenty of run time to get my yard done.  When I use a 5Ah battery, it becomes a little bit unbalanced and heavy in the back end of the trimmer.  EGO uses a brushless motor to power the trimmer.

Ego String Trimmer Review

The string trimmer runs off a 56V battery which is universal for all EGO’s OPE products.

Ego String Trimmer Review

One new feature to this string trimmer is the Carbon Fiber shaft.  Not only does this material make the trimmer lighter, but also it’s extremely strong.

Ego String Trimmer Review

All tools need some type of safety feature.  Some safety features we have seen over the years have made the tool a pain to operate.  With the EGO, it has a nice setup.  You can easily depress the safety switch with your thumb and then pull the trigger with your finger, which is variable speed.

Ego String Trimmer Review

The grip has a nice rubber overmold and is comfortable.

Ego String Trimmer Review

The trimmer features two lines which mean more cutting in less time.  It features a 15” cutting swath.  The trimmer is designed to be used with .095” line.

Ego String Trimmer Review

On the bottom of the head, you can advance line using a bump feature.  While the trimmer is running, you hit the head on the ground and it will advance line.

This is the coolest feature of this trimmer, the Powerload head.  If you have ever had to replace the line in a trimmer, you know what a pain in the butt it can be.  I won’t even go into all the issues I have when replacing the line.

With the EGO Powerload, you don’t even have to remove the head.  Just put the line through the head.  Once you’re about halfway through, push the button close to the head and it will wind it up for you.  Seriously, how cool is this?  It’s one of those features that should have been designed decades ago.  Trust me, it would have saved me a ton of money because I wouldn’t have had to pay all that money to the swear jar.

Ego String Trimmer Review

The handle has a soft rubber grip and you can also change where it sits on the shaft.  You will need an Allen wrench to move it.

EGO String Trimmer Review Performance

So how does this perform?  For a battery powered string trimmer, it’s one of the strongest string trimmers we have tested.  Again we are not comparing this to gas.  So when it comes to your everyday trimmer needs, this tool jams.  If your cutting through thick forests, then gas is the way to go.  Now don’t get me wrong, this does a great job in heavy and tall grass and weeds, but if your clearing a lot of land, then I would go with gas.

I also noticed this trimmer doesn’t have a ton of feedback.  We have tried trimmers where your hands are numb because of the vibrations but with the EGO, we found it smooth.

Another noticeable performance report was the bump and feed string.  Again with some of the trimmers, we have tested, you have to really hit the head hard and repeatedly to advance the line.  With this trimmer, it was a quick bump and the line advanced.  It was nice not having to fight the line.

One of the downsides to this trimmer, which we see on all trimmers is the length of the shaft.  I am 6′ tall and wish the trimmer was a little longer.  After a longer period of use, I do feel it on my back.  If it was another 7-10″ longer, it would make the world of difference.  However then for the people who are 5″, it would be too long for them.

EGO String Trimmer Review Value

If you need to buy the kit, which includes a 2.5 Ah battery and charger, you will pay about $230 at The Home Depot. If you already have a battery, you can get the bare tool for about $170.  When it comes to battery string trimmers, this is definitely on the higher end of the price line.  However, I also believe the quality and power is the highest in the battery string trimmer market.

EGO String Trimmer Review Final Thought

All in all, I am a huge fan of this string trimmer.  While I like the carbon fiber shaft for weight and strength, I love the Powerline head and how easy it is to replace the line.  With a five year warranty and a lifetime warranty on the shaft, how can you go wrong?  The best part of this string trimmer is that it’s in a family of other great OPE tools that run off the same 56V battery.


  1. Thanks for the review Eric. I really want one of these told myself when my gas trimmer died I would get one. It won’t die, but I am starting to tell myself it is running bad and I think I saw some leaking oil. I am tired of messing with the gas.

  2. When my little B&D trimmer dies I’m getting this, love the EGO stuff and the head design is amazing…heck, I might have to trip and accidentally drop the B&D in the pool. #TiACrew

  3. ego 1500st did not last a year.I live in Colorado so I did not use it that much.The bump head fell apart.A very expensive JOKE.

  4. My customer service experience has been a total NIGHTMARE. **Please note that I actually like the lawnmower** On September 4, the lawnmower would not start. I bought this in April. Obviously, I needed to cut my lawn. The 1st customer representative advised me to bring in to Home Depot where I bought it, with the battery and they will ship it to a service center to be fixed. Then, after hearing no news about my lawnmower, I called the customer service line back on 9/28. Apparently, Home Depot never shipped the lawnmower out and it was still at the store! The customer service representative explained that it could still be 4-6 weeks……..even though it had already been 3.5 weeks. I explained to them that I STILL NEED TO CUT MY LAWN! They then sent me a “high grass blade” for the mower. After additional calls, they informed me that I would be getting a new mower. But, it would not come with a battery. Next, I call back to find out about the battery, and the customer service representative actually told me…..”you shouldn’t have sent that back, you should have gotten a brand new one as it’s less than a year from your purchase.” ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Your own customer service department set this all up. Next, on 10/9I finally get a mower, but can’t use because I don’t have a battery. Finally, I had to call on 10/15 to get the battery tracking number for the battery, which is scheduled to delivery on 10/15.

    During this entire 6 week period, OBVIOUSLY I STILL NEED TO CUT MY LAWN!!! During this time, there were ZERO sh*ts given by EGO towards my lawn and the length of the growing grass. They never offered to pay for a rental, never offered a replacement for the time being, never offered to pay for a landscaper to CUT MY LAWN!

    It is totally ridiculous that I bought a brand new lawnmower, and it broke, and you had NO ANSWER for my question “what about MY LAWN? The grass continues to grow…”

  5. Fortunately, people who are only 5 inches tall are rare. I’m 5’4″, though, and I’m debating whether it would be too long for me. I’ve used corded electric trimmers in the past, but after 3 separate trimmers caught fire while in use, I switched to gas. The gas engine is pretty finicky, though.

  6. I agree that this string trimmer design is well thought out and loading cord is a snap. (The LM2130SP mower is fantastic!) I wish there was a way to shorten the trimmer shaft. I’m 5’2″ and other user is 5’4″. It is too long and control is a huge issue.


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