Bessey Cabinetry Clamp Review

Bessey Cabinetry Clamp Review

Bessey makes some of the best woodworking clamps. I’ve used their parallel clamps and bar clamps for years. Recently I expanded my wood clamp collection to include the Bessey 90-Degree Angle Clamps and the Bessey Cabinetry Clamps. The quality of the clamps Bessey turns out is typically top notch. The question that needs to be answered is whether or not the Bessey Cabinetry Clamp reaches this same level of quality. Let’s investigate in the Bessey Cabinetry Clamp Review.

Bessey Cabinetry Clamp Review Overview

Bessey Cabinetry Clamp Review

A face frame clamp isn’t going to be for everyone. It is going to be useful to a very specific audience, so it makes sense to call this a specialty tool. It always surprises me that specialty tools ever get made since there isn’t a mass appeal or need for them. Since specialty tools, do make life easier for the people who use them, I am selfishly glad a company like Bessey makes them.

Bessey Cabinetry Clamps are used for getting the best results possible when installing face framed cabinets. The face frame stiles can be tightened, aligned, pre-drilled and fastened when this clamp is used. This face frame clamp takes multiple steps and combines them into one. It sounds really simple and this process is if you use these clamps. Try to do it without these clamps and the results may vary.

Bessey Cabinetry Clamp Review Features

Bessey Cabinetry Clamp Review

Heavy-duty steel construction makes these clamps really strong. They weigh in at about 1.6 lbs and measure in at 2.5 inches wide, 4.5 inches tall by 8 inches long.

Bessey Cabinetry Clamp Review

The aluminum alignment plate is used to align the front of the cabinets.

Bessey Cabinetry Clamp Review

Acme threads are used for each of the clamping directions.

Adhesive felt pads are included to prevent any marring of contact surfaces.

A pivoting pilot-hole drilling guide is located on one end of the clamp allowing you to drill, and drive screws to connect the cabinets without having to remove the clamp.

Bessey Cabinetry Clamp Review Performance

I was really surprised at how well these clamps actually worked. I had gotten decent results in the past when I didn’t use these clamps, but far from perfect. There was always some portion of the face frame joint that didn’t quite line up. Now that I’ve used these clamps a few times, I notice the flaws even more.

The Bessey Cabinetry Face Frame Clamps will work on face frames that are up to 1-1/4 inch thick and stiles from 1-1/2 inch to 2-1/2 inches wide. The Acme threads allow you to achieve clamping forces from about 300 to 600 lbs.

At first, I thought the drill guide hole was just a minor feature added to these clamps, but I have now come to the conclusion that I was wrong. The pilot-hole drill guide feature is extremely useful and convenient. By using a small drill bit, you can pre-drill a hole into the side of one of your face frame stiles. Then, flip the drill bit guide out of the way to drive the screw so you can fasten the two cabinets together. This feature is super easy to use and I’m glad Bessey added it to the clamp.

The adhesive felt pads are a really nice addition. When you are installing expensive cabinets that you spent your hard earned money on, no one wants to look at scratches or dings when the work is completed.

Bessey Cabinetry Clamp Review Value

The Bessey cabinetry face frame clamps run right around $22 dollars a piece and you can find them at The Home Depot. Whether you are a weekend warrior or you are a pro, $22 per clamp cost is worth the professional results you will see.

Bessey Cabinetry Clamp Review Final Thoughts

We all know Bessey makes clamps and they do this exceptionally well. What most people don’t know is how many different types of clamps they make and how specialized some of these clamps really are.

The Bessey Cabinetry Clamp fits comfortably into the specialized category. If you want professional cabinet installation results at any experience level, this clamp can certainly help you out.

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bessey-cabinetry-clamp-reviewBessey Tools is a company known for making some of the best woodworking and metalworking clamps. Their expertise ranges from basic clamps to specialized clamps and everything in between. Today, we are going to look at a very useful and specialized clamp for cabinet installers. The Bessey Cabinetry Face Frame Clamp is a clamp every cabinet installer has in their bag.


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